Submissive or Slave with Trinity: Nov 6, 2009 : 7pm to 9pm

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Class_Nov6Submissive or Slave with Trinity: Nov 6, 2009 : 7pm to 9pm

For those of us who really seek to embrace our desires into the life of D/s or M/s it is important that we feel grounded in the role we feel we are. Often times this is the very block that will keep us from reaching the level we want to experience.

Defining if you are a true submissive or a dedicated slave is a very personal and important step. If a slave tried to live as a submissive, they would fail eventually, as the core elements would not be present. Same applies for a submissive but on a different scale altogether. A submissive can enter a role of slavery for a scene without losing the scope of their true place.

This class will tackle the vast differences between the roles of a submissive and a slave and will offer some great tests and exercises that will help you discover your “true” role. The style and technique shared in this class are based on the structure and teachings of Amour Partage.

This class is geared for submissives and/or slaves only. It is not designed for Doms. Therefore we ask that you respect this and only register if you fall within the desired scope of submissive or slave.

Trinity has been involved in the D/s lifestyle for over almost 20 years and has been an active Master Trainer within Amour Partage for 16 of those years.

Originally from the UK, Trinity is now bringing this unique style of D/s to Philadelphia. To learn more please visit


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