Tantric Orgasmic Breath with Anita DeFrancesco: Nov.13: 7-9pm

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Breathing is the key source to opening up the channels of love, the ocean of sensuality and the passion of sex. It is the perfect way to re-connect you to your source, to bridge the conscious and the subconscious spirit. Breath expands and enhances the vital energy in your erotic experiences. In this 2 hour workshop you will learn how to clear the blockages that are in the way of experiencing the fullness of your orgasms. We will explore a combination of breaths including bioenergetics, fire orgasm, re-birthing along with smooth undulations of the pelvis to liberate your erotic soul. Open to all, bring blanket and water.

Anita DeFrancesco, M.A., Intimacy and Relationship Educator. Her focus and vision have been the evolution of spirituality, sexuality, and teaching others to awaken from separation and suffering and to embrace the modern world with oneness and love. She helps people to liberate and let go of the grudges. She has been featured on Playboy’s Sexcetera. She is the author of Live Free: Your Journey to a Liberated Life

Pre-paid registration (in-store or via telephone)is required to attend a PASSION 101 workshop.


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