Class_Dec.19: 6-8pm: Chest and Hip Harnesses with Klawdya Rothschild

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This class will build upon the skills learned in introductory classes and prepare you for that complete bondage feel, and prepare you for suspension. Different body types, comfort, and techniques will be covered. Two suspension capable chest harnesses, and two suspension capable hip harnesses will be shown, in this hands on class. Learn to perfect the workhorse of bondage, and apply it to your partner, or a new friend in class!

Klawdya Rothschild is an independent curator, artist, Alt Sex and Spirituality educator, Kink Rights Advocate, and Occultist. Klawdya’s academic background is in Social and Evolutionary Psychology, Fiber Arts, and Curating. In 2008 she was elected to the Board of Directors of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom(NCSF) and she has participated in the BDSM/Fetish Community for over a decade. She has worked as a Dominatrix, model, performer, Rope Bondage Rigger, Spiritual Healer, Temple Whore and always a mixed-media artist. In the BDSM and Fetish Community she is best known for Japanese-influenced Rope Bondage, especially her Self Bondage Manifesto, and for CDTV Transformation. She is the founder of the Baltimore Erotic Arts Festival, and a recipient of the Annie Sprinkle Aphrodite Award.

Pre-paid registration (in-store or via telephone) is required to attend a PASSION 101 workshop.


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