Get Schooled for Valentines-New Classes Added!

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Friday, Mar 5th, 7-9pm
Sensual Spanking & Erotic Touch with Juicy Justine

Learn theory and practice of percussive play including who likes spanking and why, the anatomy and physiology of spanking , positions, targets, communication, warming up, troubleshooting, toy cleaning, combining percussion with bondage, role play and punishment, tips and tricks.


Bondage & Transformation Weekend with Klawdya Rothschild March 12-14

Friday March 12th, 7-9PM
Mummification and Immobilization
What do you do when you want total enclosure but don’t want to be left with the bondage equivalent of a human hairball to play with?  Wrapping, strapping, covering and countering may be just what you need.  Total skin coverage materials, techniques and safety considerations with an introduction to sensory deprivation to supplement your total take-over.

Saturday March 13th, 2-4 PM
Gender Transformation 1
From contour shading to bring out the cheek bones of eager grrrls and to recede the brow line of butchiful bois this class covers basic make up, hair, wig and skin care needs for the gender blender! From passability to drag, find fun and creative solutions to individual problems like concealing 5 O’clock shadow to wrapping, covering and removing natural hair.  Bring what you have- no experience necessary.

Saturday March 13th, 6-8 PM
Gender Transformation 2
Folding it, sucking it in, pushing it out and looking fabulous!  Whether you are a biomale, biofemale, TG or ready for play get the extra edge to wax your fruit! Heels, corsets, special fx needs, binding, tucking, padding covered along with a review of good, bad and ugly. This class helps spin those tassels, flatten those pex, and leaves you ready to practice in your home and or public.

Sunday March 14th, 2-4 PM
Rope Bondage Basics
Begin the journey to mastery by learning several usable Japanese-style ties for you to practice to build your skill set. Safety, body positions, rope type, equipment, preparation, and style will be covered so you can begin to decode the secrets underlying all Shibari tying. Bring rope (2x 30ft lengths, 1×10-15ft length).

Klawdya Rothschild is an independent curator, occultist and fetishist. She has presented nationally at conventions, pagan gatherings and for private organizations.


Friday, March 19th, 7-9PM Loving Openly: Navigating Open Relationships with Kira Manser

Successful open relationships can intensify and expand the boundaries of romantic and sexual love.  Join us for a facilitated discussion that will include how to determine if loving openly is for you.  If you already know you want to be open, come and learn some new and important communication skills.  We will delve into strategies for battling the green-eyed monster of jealousy, and describe different relationship models.  Whether or not you are in an open relationship, you will leave this workshop with new ways to communicate openly with all your partners.


Wednesday, March 24th, 7-9PM The Anatomy of Pleasure- What you didn’t learn in health class with Kira Manser

The human body is an amazing tangle of nerves and erogenous zones there for the taking, yet our delicious ability to give and receive pleasure is usually the first thing skipped over in health class.  But not for long!  Come explore the inner and outer workings of the body’s pleasure centers and learn how to maximize your enjoyment.  Get the most out of your body’s tingly bits!


Thursday,  April 8th, 7-9PM
Blow Her Mind with Juicy Justine
Another class that sells out each time- Sign up now! Learn to please a woman through anatomical technique, communication, penetration, use of sex toys, positions, techniques, safer sex and so much more! Discussions and Q&A about any topic related to pleasing women including the G-spot and female ejaculation as well as plenty of time to practice using every day edibles.


Unless otherwise noted,  all workshops cost $20 in advance or $30 the day of class. and happen Sexploratorium (620S. 5th Street, Philadelphia PA). Students must be 18 years of age or older to attend. Register now as space is limited (either in person at Sexploratorium, by phone 215-829-4986 or online at


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