Summer School Sizzles: July 2010

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Summer school is in session, and the roster has never been sexier with workshops that stimulate your erotic intellect, physical being and emotional interests. With this celebrity cast of presenters, you will need to register well in advance to assure a seat.

Friday July 9, 7-9PM
Rough Sex for Beginners with Juicy Justine

Looking to explore the rougher side of sex but not sure how to get started? Juicy Justine is here to teach you the basics of rough sex including negotiating rough sex with your partner(s), communication, safety, basic techniques and more. Participants will have the opportunity to try out some of the items discussed and ask questions at the end of the workshop. Bring your partner or come alone! This workshop is for BEGINNERS only!
Juicy Justine is a highly trained Sexuality Educator with her Masters in Human Sexuality Education. Justine currently presents workshops on a variety of topics related to sex and sexuality in a fun and interactive format for individuals of all ages.

Saturday, July 10. A day of workshops with Sea (Austin, TX).

Sea regularly presents at BDSM events across the country with a focus on communication and psychology, especially the psychology of submissives.  He currently serves on the Advisory Board for weekend conventions DomCon Atlanta and DomCon Los Angeles. He comes to the East Coast to present at TES Fest and is offering  a series of seminars in multiple cities. His Philadelphia tour brings him to Sexploratorium for three unforgettable classes in one day… study with him and you will learn from his multiple experiences as an artist, bdsm player and incredible human being.

12:15 How to Provide Excellent Service
2:30 Psychology of Submissives
5:15 Humiliation Lab

Sign up for all three classes and save $10.

Saturday July 10, 12:15-2PM
How to provide excellent service
Join Sea for a discussion of multiple elements that fall under the following types of service: anticipatory, elegant, sacred, and creative service. Using an example service scenario, students interactively discuss and practice what can be done to achieve these elements of excellent service within that scenario. He then presents an example of a service ritual that has elements of excellent service.
Helpful to:
* Service submissives who wish to learn to or add to their repertoire about how to provide excellent service.
* Dominants who wish to teach service to submissives.
* Anyone who wishes to learn about rituals, and how to exalt or otherwise make their partner feel special.

Saturday July 10, 2:30-4:30PM
Psychology of Submissives
with Sea
This class combines content from two classes by Sea: Components of a Submissive’s Psychology, and Understanding Psychology of Service Submissives.
Are you a dominant who would like to understand the psychology of submissives and what can help your relationship last? Are you a partner who is uncomfortable receiving service, or cannot fathom why someone would want to clean your house? Are you a submissive who would like to understand why you have conflicting drives, and how to deal with internal conflicts? Are you a service submissive who has felt unfulfilled and had difficulty conveying what is important to you regarding service and D/s relationships in general?
In this seminar we discuss (i) a general model for a submissive’s psychology, and (ii) the psychology of service submissives. The model discusses different components that collectively influence the needs, wants, and behaviors of submissives, and how unmet needs affect this influence. We then discuss practical applications of this model: its impact on relationship compatibility and longevity and its application to various scenarios.
Then we will interactively discuss the challenges faced by dominants and submissives with respect to service. We will then discuss archetypes of service submissives, how to identify these archetypes, and why each archetype likes to provide service. We will then talk about how identifying these archetypes helps determine compatibility, and to understand what can enhance or deflate motivation to serve for the different archetypes.
Helpful to:
* Dominants who wish to better understand submissives, make their relationships more resilient, and better understand basis for compatibility.
* Dominants who wish to understand service submissives and what motivates them.
* Submissives who wish to better understand self, learn how to process feelings, learn how to communicate what is important in a relationship and understand what type of dominant is compatible with them .
* Service submissives who wish to better understand what motivates them to serve, and learn how to communicate needs to a dominant about what makes service fulfilling.

July 10, 5:15-6:15 PM
Humiliation Play Lab with Sea

This class combines content of two classes by Sea:  Demystifying the Psychology of Humiliation and Humiliation: Now It’s Time to Play.
Does hearing the word humiliation make you uncomfortable? Are you puzzled why someone would find humiliation erotic? Do you enjoy humiliation but are conflicted about it? Do you want to know how you can expand your humiliation play?
We begin by briefly discussing the psychology behind humiliation: what are the differences between D/s humiliation and sadomasochistic humiliation, why someone might like to engage in these practices, and what the risks are. Then we focus on identifying themes for humiliation play, and how identifying themes allows one to use their creativity. We then have an example interview of a sub to discuss what types of questions to ask, and how to interpret the answers. Then we collectively brainstorm to create a humiliation scene based on the answers from the interview and act out that scene with input from students and instructor.
Helpful to:
* Those who do not understand why someone would enjoy humiliation.
* Those who wish to do humiliation play but must overcome personal conflict.
* Those who wish to learn more about how to pursue this type of play.
* Those who need practice humbling themselves or a partner.

Thursday July 15, 7-9PM
Mindful Kissing and Foreplay with Cat Catsells and Sabrina Mari
was postponed to a later date. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Friday July 23, 7-9PM
Artist’s Reception for Muscle with
Angel Colon  and Rob Harmon
Enjoy the company and the works of artists Angel Colon (Photography) and Rob Harmon (Images in Ink) during an intimate party hosted by Diva Veronica Bound who will be serving complimentary libations and snacks from 7-9PM and assisting with discounted art sales (10% off). Sorry, no cash and carry during this reception, art purchases must be picked up or delivered at the end of the show.
Artwork will be on display and for sale during the entire months of July and August, so even if you can’t make it to the reception, stop by and check out this sexy, muscular, masculine collection of photos and ink drawings. Visit Aphrodite Gallery Online for more information.

Saturday July 24, 3-5PM
Behold the Foot: Massage the Metatarsals and Fondle the Footsie with Beth and Preston

What happens when a massage therapist marries a foot fetishist? How about a class that marries his passion for the foot to her knowledge of anatomy and techniques for a wonderful and safe foot experience? After speaking briefly on the structure of the foot, why we may want to give it special attention, and a few precautions, we walk you through specific techniques to make your foot massage both wonderful and therapeutic. Join us to learn more, get your hands on someone’s feet, and get yourself a soothing, relaxing foot massage.

Sunday July 25, 1-3PM
Getting Her Off Over Clothes with  Preston and Beth
Men and women can be a lot like dogs and cats. Dick can rush right into your space and think nothing of it. He wants your attention and will make sure you know it. Touch him and he’ll beg for more. Stop and he’ll give you a nudge to get you going again. He has no qualms about going straight for the crotch.
Kitty is an entirely different creature. She may give a little mew, maybe even rub against your leg and purr, but reach for her and she’s gone. She can turn shy in a moment and scamper out of reach. You can really only touch her if you approach gently – almost slip up on her. Coax her gently. Make her come to you.
Join Beth and Preston to explore ways to make her come to you …without undressing her. This is a hands-on class…if you want it to be. Come as a couple if you’d like to follow along with the demo. Too shy? Don’t have a partner to practice with? Come watch the demo and learn something new. Those participating in the practice will be positioned out of direct view of those who are only watching the demo. If you’d like to participate, bring pillows to help get your partner in a comfortable position. While there will be no nudity, there will be intimate touching. Loose, light comfortable clothing is recommended for greatest sensation during practice.Beth will demo on “prosthetic” body parts to help clarify what Preston is teaching. Single men must meet and be cleared by the presenters in advance to attend. No leering will be permitted.
Preston will need a lady for the demo. You will be fully dressed throughout the demo but will be touched in intimate ways. If you’d like to volunteer, please contact
Beth is a professional massage therapist and doula (childbirth assistant) and Intrinsic Coach. She has a long history of using touch to facilitate healing through massage, for assisting mothers through the birth process, for supporting infants in her water babies classes, and for working with animals. She has adapted her touch and coaching training, along with her personal experience, to the scene and to areas of spiritual, sexual and relationship growth and healing. Preston brings balance and humor to Beth’s presentations. A technical person by profession, he has developed an incredibly sensitive approach to touching others which he frequently uses to introduce nubies to BDSM through a Sensation Station at Exploratoriums in various settings. He has also paired massage training from Beth with his foot and touch fetishes to offer a truly wonderfully sensual foot or full body massage.  They delight in sharing their learning with others.

Thursday July 29, 7-9PM
Awakening the Goddess with Anita DeFrancesco

Do you feel you could be a better fulfilled lover and that maybe there is an answer to all of this? Learn how to awaken and connect to the pleasure of your passion. This fun filled evening will teach you techniques on how to heal and awaken her, how to please her and how to love her.  Learn the 12 steps   to prepare for the yoni awakening and prolonged orgasm for her. Learn the difference between the g-spot and sacred spot. Both men and women will learn how to create the safe environment, how to be patient and how to prepare for the g-spot ritual and how to intensify the orgasm. It is a lecture based class with handouts and some practice demonstrations.  Class is open to all, there is no nudity.
Anita DeFrancesco, M.A.,
Sex, Intimacy and  Relationship Educator.  Her focus and vision have been the evolution of spirituality, sexuality, and teaching others to awaken from separation and suffering and to embrace the modern world with oneness and love.  She helps people to liberate and let go of the grudges. She has been featured on Playboy’s Sexcetera,  Fox and MTV.  She is the author of Live Free: Your Journey to a Liberated Life.

Friday July 30, 7-9PM
Sexual Communication with Juicy Justine
Not sure how to tell your partner what’s really on your mind? Want to get the most out of your relationships? Communication is the glue that ties relationships together. Learn to effectively communicate your feelings, wants, needs, fantasies, and desires with your partner/s through interactive exercises and role-plays.  Not currently in a relationship? No problem! Come alone or bring a friend.
Juicy Justine is a highly trained Sexuality Educator with her Masters in Human Sexuality Education. Justine currently presents workshops on a variety of topics related to sex and sexuality in a fun and interactive format for individuals of all ages.

Mark your calendars: Princess Kali teaches at Sexploratorium this September! Full descriptions and registration information will go online shortly but for now, don’t book anything else from Friday night Sept 10 or Saturday and Sunday afternoons the 11th and 12th so that you can be sure to attend her amazing workshops on Female Domination, Spanking, Being a Lazy Top and Face Slapping.

Unless otherwise noted, all Passion 101 workshops cost $20 in advance, or $30 the day of the workshop and happen in the Aphrodite Gallery, 3rd floor Sexploratorium , 620 S. 5th Street in Philadelphia. Advance registration is required as space is limited.



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