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We have added a few more winning workshops to your December roster… take a break from shopping and pick up some skills to keep you hot all winter

Saturday December 11,12:30-2:30PM 
 Good Communication in Negotiation with Sea 
Negotiation is so much more than simply filling out a checklist. 
In this seminar we discuss communication tools that allow more 
effective negotiations. We discuss what types of questions to ask,
how to ask, when to ask, more. We examine the broader question of
what types of communication should occur and ideas for communicating
on an ongoing basis. We also discuss approaches for how to handle
difficult or awkward conversations.

 Saturday December 11, 3-5 PM
How to Discuss BDSM with Vanilla Persons with Sea

 Have you been thinking of coming out to a friend or a romantic partner? Do you worry about what you will say if someone unexpectedly finds out about your BDSM interests? In this class we talk about effective ways to discuss BDSM with vanilla persons. How can we explain BDSM to them in terms with which they might empathize? What can we do to minimize background noise? How do we determine whether or not to have such a conversation?
 Helpful to:
 * Those considering telling a friend or family.
 * Those considering speaking to a romantic partner about their BDSM interest.
 * Those who have been unexpectedly outed or discovered.
Saturday December 11, 5:30-7:30
 Thriving D/s Relationships with Sea
 Examine what creates a power imbalance in social relationships, and how the organic power imbalance has potential to undermine the D/s dynamic in a relationship. Learn how to preserve the D/s power in a D/s relationship.
 Learn different ways/languages people use to express dominance and submission, and how to uncover which languages of D/s each person speaks. Practice techniques to translate how D/s can be conveyed through the different languages.
 Learn how the languages of D/s can be used to keep a D/s relationship from becoming stale or lost in everyday life. This class will be particularly helpful to those who wish to better grasp the mental aspects of D/s, and those who have been approached by a submissive partner about dominance and are unsure how to respond.
 Helpful to:
 * Dominants who wish to understand how the organic power can undermine the D/s dynamic.
 * Dominants and submissives who wish to know the different ways D/s can be expressed so they can identify their key modes.
 * Dominants and submissives who wish to understand the importance of these languages in a D/s relationship.

Friday December 17, 7-9PM 
Fantasy, Role Play & Talking Dirty with Juicy Justine
Looking to add a little spice to your sex life? In this workshop we
will discuss how to add some fantasy and role play into your sex life
as well as how to incorporate a little dirty talk into the bedroom
including how to bring up the subject with your partner,
common fantasies, and will leave you with some new ideas and
scenarios to inspire your future playtime.
Come alone or bring a partner and be prepared to explore in
a safe and welcoming environment.
Open to all genders and orientations.



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