January 2011 classes announced!

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January 2011 Tentative Class Schedule

Thursday January 6th ,7-9PM
Blow HIS Mind: The Art of Pleasing A Man
with Juicy Justine
Wanna learn how to please your man? Now is your chance! In this workshop you will learn how to satisfy your man. We will discuss male anatomy, positions, techniques, hand jobs, blow jobs, prostate stimulation, sex toys and so much more. You will learn how to “Cheek Condoms” (put a condom on with your mouth), and there will be plenty of time to practice your new techniques using everyday edibles such as bananas, cucumbers, lollipops and more.

Friday January 7th, 7-9PM
Blow HER Mind:
Pleasing A Woman with Juicy Justine
Wanna learn how to please a woman? Now is your chance! In this workshop you will learn all about the female anatomy, communication, penetration, sex toys, positions, techniques, safer sex and so much more. We’ll even discuss the infamous G-Spot & Female Ejaculation and there will be plenty of time to practice your new techniques using everyday edibles.

ThursdayJanuary 13th 7-9PM
Beyond the Basic Rubdown  with Lynk

Thousands of people perform massage with and without training in a variety of settings. The BDSM scene is one place where massage can be taken to a variety of levels beyond the vanilla world’s. If you are looking for a class that will describe different types of massage, this class is not for you. The objectives of this class are to educate you about how to perform effective massage without experiencing too much stress or fatigue and how to give the greatest benefit to the lucky person receiving your massage. Body mechanics, proper use of hands, elbows, and forearms, and important focus areas for greatest benefit from massage will be discussed. When you leave this class, you will be able to give longer and more frequent massages that have people begging for more, and who doesn’t like begging?

Friday, January 14th, 7-9PM
Sensual Spanking & Erotic Touch  with Juicy Justine
Learn theory and practice of percussive play including who likes spanking and why, the anatomy and physiology of spanking , positions, targets, communication, warming up, troubleshooting, toy cleaning, combining percussion with bondage, role play and punishment, tips and tricks.

Thursday Jan 20, 7-9PM
Tantra Wisdom
with Anita DeFrancesco

A course that teaches how to balance the physical, sexual and emotional powers. This class is based on the techniques from the Hindu, Taoist, and Buddhist traditions of Tantra yoga.  Explore how to increase your sexual energy and develop the courage to a more present foundation.  You will learn basic  Tantric techniques to move beyond the fear, guilt and shame to more intimate erotic possibilities. Discover your sensual nature, connect to your pleasure source, experience love,   and practice full body orgasms, sacred sexuality,  compassionate heart connections and find  true love when the spiritual and sexual merge as one.  You can experience this on your own or with a partner.

Friday January 21, 7-9PM
Sexual & Non-Sexual Ageplay
with Ki
This presentation explores what ageplay is, and perhaps more importantly for some, what it isn’t. What is the stigma and what are the risks of being an ageplayer? Why is ageplay considered to be an edgeplay? Why would a person want to participate in ageplay? Is ageplay merely roleplay and if so are there truly any risks associated with it? This comprehensive seminar will cover four variations of ageplay – adult babies, kidz space, sexual ageplay and shadowing. Time to open your mind and step over the edge into Never Never Land.

Saturday January 22 with Ki
12:30-2:30  Wax Play Workshop with Ki

Wax play without paraffin, and with color and scents? Is this possible? Is this safe? Come and play in the warmth of this workshop. Cleans up with soap and water … honest!

3-5PM Knife Play (Bloodless) & Cuttings Workshop with Ki
Created for the players who are past the 101 stage and are ready to step into some of the more advanced play, this workshop teaches how to dance a blade over someone’s skin before moving into the basics of cuttings. Participants are encouraged to bring their own knives to work with.

5:30-7:30PM Needle Play Workshop with Ki
Bevel up! Learn universal precautions, basic needleworking and how to make your work a piece of art. Your first victim will be … a tomato. Fruit provided, participation encouraged.

Sunday Jan 23, 3-5 PM at The Bike Stop
Flogging Workshop with Ki
– 1/23/11 IN PERSON REGISTRATION ONLY. Logistically, we cannot accept or process online registrations for this class on the day of the class, so bring $25 cash (for affiliates or students with current ID) or bring $30 cash to the 3rd floor  of the Bike Stop to register same day.
Bring your whips and floggers and let’s practice how to beat someone … in a good way! Single hand, backhand and four-step Florentine are the main foci of this workshop. Active participation encouraged.

Thursday January 27, 7-9PM
Erotic Bondage with Veronica Bound

Learn creative ways to tie your lover up in order to enhance sexual access and pleasure!

Friday January 28, 7-9PM
D/s & M/s Styling with Ki

Victorian, Feminine Supremacy, Japanese, Leather, Gorean … so many styles, how does one learn them all, even enough to interact with each without embarrassing anyone? Come to this class and learn how

Saturday January 29th  A day with Ki

12:30-2:30 a Prospective BDSM Partner with Ki What is right and what is wrong to be asking a prospective BDSM partner? Does timing matter? Are a person’s skills an appropriate part of the considerations? Should a servant be interviewing dominants in the first place, or is that disrespectful? Is an interview important at all? Why not just let things happen as they happen and find out at time goes by?

3-5PM This is a BDSM Checklist 101with Ki What is a BDSM checklist? What is the importance of one? How often should a person complete one? How long is one? What does a BDSM checklist really tell one’s partner? An extensive BDSM checklist will be openly provided to all attendees. This is one of the presentations in the 101 series designed to help newcomers to the community get their feet firmly under them.

5:30-7:30 Sunday  Jan 30 Ritualistic Enhancements What is the difference between a routine and a ritual? What does each one accomplish? What can a ritual accomplish in actuality? What is too much to expect from a ritual? Much of the presentation time will be devoted to helping attendees develop personal rituals.

8-10Training, Collars & Contracts Why have someone else train your sentient property? Why, as a Dominant, would you seek training for yourself? What are the different types of collars and what does each signify? What are the different types of Contracts and what goes in them?

Juicy Justine is a highly trained Sexuality Educator with her Masters in Human Sexuality Education. Justine currently presents workshops on a variety of topics related to sex and sexuality in a fun and interactive format for individuals of all ages

Lynk is a doctor of physical therapy as well as a certified strength and conditioning specialist. He has been involved with bodywork and the kinky community for over 5 years. His background gives him a unique perspective on the activities in the community that he has been able to apply to create classes to improve bodywork skills, body movement, and decrease risk of injury.

Anita DeFrancesco
, M.A.,  Sex, Love  and Relationship Educator.  Her focus and vision have been the evolution of spirituality, sexuality, and teaching others to awaken from separation and suffering and to embrace the modern world with oneness and love.  She helps people to liberate and let go of the grudges. She has been featured on Playboy’s Sexcetera,  Fox and MTV.  She is the author of Live Free: Your Journey to a Liberated Life.

‘Ki’ is a forty year old woman of many facets. She is, first and foremost, a slave to Ichizoku Seikiji and the unconditional 24/7 personal slave of the Master of that House. Otherwise she is dominant in nature (slave, not very submissive). She is an accomplished Top and vicious sadist who (perhaps overly) enjoys developing immersive mindfucks. She also adores her opportunities to bottom, particularly for edge play, and possesses slightly more than a teeny-tiny bit of a masochistic streak. She gives the term ‘switch’ a migraine the size of the Grand Canyon, but through it all she is an instructor.

Veronica Bound is a sensual sadist and professional dominatrix whose entertaining classes emphasize consensual, safe technique.


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