October Classes

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Intense Romance, Getting down with her, Bondage, Bottom’s Up!

Unless otherwise noted, all Passion 101 workshops now cost $15-20 in advance, or $25-30 the day of the workshop and happen in the Aphrodite Gallery, 3rd floor Sexploratorium , 620 S. 5th Street in Philadelphia. Advance registration is required as space is limited, and student minimums must be met before visiting presenters can be confirmed.

Fri Sept 30, 7PM
Knife Play: From Sensual to Sadistic with Lynk

The knife is a symbol of penetrative power, fear and mythology. In the hands of an experienced player, knives can be used as a sensation tool, phallic toy, shaving device, threatening prop or hypnotic shiny object. Learn the basic theory and practices of knife play.

Thursday Oct 6, 7pm
Getting down with Going down on Her
with Chelsea Olivia

Chelsea Olivia helps you learn where to go and what to do when going down on her!

Want to know more about how the female body really works?  In this class we will explore the secret world of female anatomy and pleasure. Learn tips and tricks for great oral sex or people both giving and receiving!  Learn about communication, pleasure and techniques in a fun and supportive environment. This class is open to all, participation is required (no voyeurs). Tell a friend: RSVP and invite your friends on Fetlife or Facebook  (RSVPs are not tickets, you must buy a ticket to attend this class).
Chelsea Olivia is a Philadelphia-based sex educator and the educational coordinator for Passion 101 classes.

A Weekend with Boss Bondage

Friday Oct 14 – Intro to Western Shibari with Boss Bondage Saturday Oct 15 4:30-6:30 – Bondage for Lovers with Boss Bondage Saturday Oct 15, 7-9PM – Hillbilly Hojojitsu with Boss Bondage

Boss Bondage is flying in from the West Coast for a weekend of classes.

BossBondage has been involved in the BDSM community for over a decade. He is the founder and president of The West Coast Assholes an edge players advocacy group that focuses on edge-ucation within the community. He also serves as the vice president of the Portland leather Alliance. Boss recently received mainstream attention, working as the bondage consultant on the music video for def jam recording artists Electrik Red. For almost 4 Years Boss has operated His own professional dungeon The Asylum. Born from his love of hemp bondage rope, He started BossBondage.com in 2004. Boss has also been a body piercer since 1995. Boss does not get too tied down to titles and just considers Himself to be a bondage artist. In the last several years through intensive performance of bondage, in particular suspensions, he has developed a unique style. He is self-taught. Boss was the winner of the 2006 In the woods Bondage contest, and has been nominated for a Pantheon of Leather award. He has taught at such events as In The Woods, COPE, Truly Bound, octroperfest, Kinky Kollege, Kinkfest, the Folsom Fringe, spanksgiving, Shibaricon and MVK in vancouver, Canada.

Friday Oct 14, 7pm
Intro to Western Shibari with Boss Bondage

What is Shibari? That’s a debate that still continues. Some say Shibari can only be performed by the Japanese, some say it’s any bondage that’s influenced by their style. No matter your definition, Shibari, or Japanese rope bondage, is a beautiful and powerful style of rope play. So what is Western Shibari? I don’t know about You but I have never had the opportunity to tie up a 4’9″ 95 pound professional Japanese bondage model. I have spent the last several years doing bondage on a wide variety of sizes and shapes on both Men and Women, with an even wider range of health issues, flexibility issues, experience levels and conceptions and misconceptions about what Shibari is. This class is simply about taking some of the great images we associate with “Shibari” and applying them to the people we bind in real life. We will be covering safety, a few knots, some positioning, and how to put it all together to create a fun scene from beginning to end. This class will focus on the basics of rope harnesses, on the chest, crotch and other areas of the body, and how to combine them with Your rope play. Bring rope. Tell a Friend: RSVP on Fetlife and Facebook (RSVPs are not tickets; you need to buy a ticket to attend).

Saturday Oct 15 4:30-6:30PM
Bondage for Lovers with Boss Bondage
Bondage is a great addition to sex, giving You the ability to restrain, just enough for what You want or so tightly You get everything You want. Bondage can greatly aid and enhance sex positions, and help create new ones. Rather than focusing on traditional ties like “spread eagle” to a bed, this class will show you how to use chest harnesses as a basis and will show you how to twist and turn someone during sex, how to fluidly move from position to position without having to untie and re-tie.  Also learn to tie yourself to your partner during love making. Please bring rope for the hands on portion of the class.  Tell a friend: RSVP on Fetlife and Facebook (RSVPs are not tickets; tickets are required to attend class).

Saturday Oct 15, 7-9PM
Hillbilly Hojojitsu with Boss Bondage

Hojojitsu is the decades-old traditional Japanese martial art of capturing and restraining a person with rope. A hillbilly is a hard workin, salt of the earth person. The Modern Hillbilly is a true bohemian who is not constricted by what the mainstream considers acceptable. They live by their own rules and are truly a modern day outlaw. Hillbilly Hojojitsu is the years-old non-traditional art of BossBondage; combining the tight rope and rough capture of hojojitsu with rough body play, takedowns and body control, and mixing them all up in a pot with the hillbilly arts of ass kickin, toe torturin, face slappin, throat chokin and foot stompin. creating one mean and nasty tortorous experience not to soon be forgotten. Bring a piece o’ rope or two with ya for the hands on torturin. 4mm is good, 7-15ft iffin ya got it, iffin Ya don’t stop by and talk to Boss before the class, he’ll get ya set straight on rope, He’s got some for sale! Tell a friend: RSVP on Fetlife and Facebook (RSVPs are not tickets; tickets required to attend class)

Thu Oct 20, 7PM
Light My Fire with Kali Morgan

Fire things up in the bedroom and in life with a few safety tips and that will ignite ecstatic sensations in you or your parter. Flame has the power to mesmerize and sensitize and will add drama and excitement to any erotic play. In this workshop, you will learn how to gauge and control wax and flame, how to set yourself and your partner ablaze. Tell a Friend: RSVP for this class on Fetlife or Facebook (RSVPs are not tickets; tickets required for entry)
Kali Morgan is a longtime pleasure professional and the Proprietrix of Sexploratorium and PASSIONAL Boutique

Friday October 21
Starting at the Bottom with Screw Smart

Where do you start when you want to learn new information and pleasure heightening tricks?  At the bottom, of course, and that is just where this Anal 101 begins.  From the basics of safety and starting out, to the perfect techniques and tricks to have your ass begging for more, this workshop will calm your fears, answer your questions and most definitely welcome you into the wonderful world of anal play.  However you identify, as long as you have an ass, or know someone who does, you are welcome to come join in the fun! Tell a Friend: RSVP on Facebook and Fetlife (RSVPs are not tickets; tickets required to attend class).

ScrewSmart is back for their popular introduction to Anal Play

ScrewSmart is a sex education collaborative formed to promote both individual and community sexual heath and satisfaction. Based in Philadelphia, it was founded in 2009 by three sex positive queer women who met while working towards human sexuality education masters. They came together with the goal of providing information and resources to a diverse  adult audience.  ScrewSmart aims to facilitate a collective community dialogue that supports sexual exploration and health. They do this by providing educational workshops, hosting sex positive community events, and advocating freedom of expression for sexual minorities.  ScrewSmart works to build spaces where they can share our love for each other as friends and professionals while inspiring others to be engaged and informed sexual adventurers!


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