June Classes at Passion101!

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UPCOMING PASSION 101 CLASSES- MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW: Save money, buy advance tickets online!

Friday June 8, 7pm
Please That Bootie Cutie!
with Brooklyn

Oh, butt sex, that surprisingly mysterious sexual act! While anal sex has become increasingly more popular and less taboo, lots of people are flummoxed by exactly how to go about achieving fantastic backdoor delight without discomfort and anxiety. This class will discuss how to play in a mutually pleasurable, pain-free, non-scary way. We’ll cover everything from anal foreplay to butt plugs to the big event itself! This class is open to couples or individuals, regardless of gender or orientation. Everybody’s got a butt, after all!

Presenter Bio

Brooklyn is a special creation of their own invention. A Queer/Poly/Kinky/Androgynous human, they love to explore the spaces around and in between binaries of all varieties.  They’re a proud pervert, happy to dismantle and reconstruct society’s beliefs about sexuality and pleasure. They regularly educate customers to Philadelphia’s Sexploratorium, where they have worked as a sales associate and buyer since 2010. Sometimes called a “lube-ologist” or “human encyclopedia of sex”, they’re known for remembering and sharing even some of the most obscure facts about sex toys, techniques, and why people do some of the things they do in the bedroom. Also a member of the Diabolique Foundation board and Philly’s only award-winning Queer drag & burlesque troupe, the Liberty City Kings, Brooklyn believes that community involvement and activism is an important part of who they are.

Thursday June 14, 7pm
Orgasmic Breath
with Anita DeFrancesco

Have you ever wanted to learn how to master your orgasms? When we understand how the energy of the body works we then can learn how to have the control and containment that is necessary.  Learn to choose how and when to use your sexual energy.  Learn how to connect the sexual energy to the body’s natural energy and experience the fullness of your pleasure; the full body orgasm.  Male bodies can learn to  extend and multiply the pleasure while female bodies can learn to strengthen the orgasmic response. Stay connected to the pleasure of romance while exploring the valleys and peaks without losing your valuable force.

Friday June 22, 7pm
Cuff Me, Spank Me, and Call Me a Feminist
with Angie Tupelo

Sexuality and feminism have a complex history, especially around issues such as porn, BDSM, and kink. How do we as feminists act in a way which is respects and celebrates our kinky sex practices? This workshop will also discuss how kinksters might integrate feminist theory when introducing a new partner to BDSM and kink.

Presenter Bio:

Angie Tupelo is a queer, anarchist, polyamorous, feminist, sub-identified, sex-positive gal.  She’s also a survivor of sexual and emotional abuse, and acts as a peer counselor to other survivors.  She recently moved back to the “real world” after living on a commune for 4 years, and is gradually adjusting to wearing shoes. She gives workshops on polyamory, BDSM for feminists, Honest Seduction, Kink for Abuse Survivors, and Intentional Community living.

Saturday June 30, 5pm
Connections: Putting Emotion Into Play
with Wise Protector

For most Tops, getting the bottom spacey, happy, and experiencing a good connection is the focus of play. Getting a partner feeling that way, has way more to do with communication, emotion, and what’s going on inside our minds than physical technique.

There’s all sorts of ways to get to sub-space. This workshop focuses on the idea of connecting with your partner, mentally, emotionally as well as physically. There are ways to connect in any situation, from first time play partners, to intensifying what you already have naturally with a long term, loving partner. You’ll get a chance to try some of the ideas and you can pick what fits for you.

Presenter Bio:

Starting in the late 70’s before the interweb, before knowing anybody actually does this sort of thing, Wise had to seduce girlfriends into BDSM. The cornerstone of that seduction, is knowing what each other really needs, and fulfilling that need. This approach has been called, “clever,” “psychological”, “somehow unfair,” and even, “dangerously persuasive,” but Wise explains,
“All I do is lead people where they want to go, because I’m lazy, and because it works”
That’s the focus of most of his workshops, find out what you both really need and how you need to get it. Then lead them there. That’s how he gets pretty much whatever he wants.

Carter Steven’s Pocono Fall Fetish Fling ( in 1998? ) was his first foray into the public scene where Joe and candi taught him what they know about flogging. After learning from lots of people, he’s given workshops at the York Play Group, Brimstone, The first NDDS bootcamp and The Warehouse.

Wise is married to (not surprisingly) MrsWise, where they live in a surprisingly bucolic suburb North of Philadelphia. He hosts the nearby  BDSM of SEPA Social in Bensalem, PA.Wise finds it moderately disturbing to write about himself in the third person.


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