Passion101 Summer Schedule

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Saturday July 7, 5pm
Honest Seduction
with Angie Tupelo
Seduction has a bad rap.   For most of us, the word is synonymous with manipulation, deception and power-over practices. We’re reclaiming seduction and rehabilitating it’s tarnished name. Honest Seduction is cooperatively creating power and sparking healthy intimacy. It is part seduction technique, part lifestyle, and part relationship model. Presenter Bio: Angie Tupelo is a queer, anarchist, polyamorous, feminist, sub-identified, sex-positive gal. She’s also a survivor of sexual and emotional abuse, and acts as a peer counselor to other survivors. She recently moved back to the “real world” after living on a commune for 4 years, and is gradually adjusting to wearing shoes. She gives workshops on polyamory, BDSM for feminists, Honest Seduction, Kink for Abuse Survivors, and Intentional Community living. Tell a Friend: RSVP on Facebook and Fetlife (RSVPs are not tickets; prepaid $20 tickets purchased from Eventbrite or $30 same day of class required to attend)

Thursday July 12, 7PM
Sharing your Sexpertise
with Kali Morgan

You don’t have to have a PhD in Sexology to present an educational workshop about sex that is informative, entertaining and professional. This FREE workshop is especially for people with whose unique sexual experiences make them a “sexpert” on a specific topic. Whether you have learned via experience tips and trips on pursuing a professional adult industry career, engaging in “special needs” sex, flirting, cross-gendered sexual expression, dating for alt communities, phone sex, cyber-sex or any other topic related to sexuality, eroticism and relationships– you will learn ways to turn your knowledge into an entertaining, sex-positive, appropriate interactive educational experience! Pitch your workshop ideas, create a workshop outline , discuss research and development in a supportive group of others who also want to share their knowledge with others professionally. This class is FREE for the first 12 students who sign up on eventbrite. Kali Morgan learned all about sex (and other topics) from asking the right questions of the right people (when she finally found them). As the owner of Sexploratorium, she is committed to providing  space for the sharing of accurate, sex positive information and skills. Friend: RSVP on Facebook and Fetlife (RSVPs are not tickets; FREE tickets are obtained from Eventbrite or in store the night of class if tickets are available)

Friday July 13, 7pm
Irresistible: 9 Ways Hypnosis Can Supercharge Your Sex Life
with Bryan Cassidy
You are getting very horny… It’s all in your mind. And by “it” we mean sex. Certified Erotic Hypnotist Bryan D. Cassidy goes over the ins and outs of using hypnosis to stimulate, tease, excite, and yes, even produce full-blown, genuine, mind-melting orgasms. It’s all in the name of good clean fun, better sex, and is of course completely consensual (with the accent on the “sensual”). No prior experience necessary. Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Performance Hypnotist Bryan Cassidy began putting people under hypnosis at the age of eleven, when a book report for school sparked a lifelong interest in the field. He has been studying and refining his craft ever since, training under such notables as Hypnosis Hall-of-Famer Bert Freeman and acclaimed hypnotist and trainer Brian David Phillips. Certified in both Speed Trance and Erotic Hypnosis, Bryan is accredited through the National Society of Hypnotherapists and the Society of Experiential Trance. He owns Hypnotic Tranceformations–his private practice on Philadelphia’s Main Line–and is a founding member of Philadelphia’s Erotic Hypnosis Group. He enjoys falling snow and long walks in your mind. Tell a Friend: RSVP on Facebook and Fetlife (RSVPs are not tickets; prepaid tickets purchased from Eventbrite or $30 same day of class required to attend)

Thursday July 19
Intimate Exchanges

with Kali Morgan
A workshop on the psychology of power exchange for couples (or pairs or people who are comfortable connecting via role play). Have you or your partner fantasized about dominance and submission but never quite understood the how’s and (more importantly why’s) of these fantasies? Using guided visualization, writing exercises and interactive techniques everyone in this workshop will experience what it is like to become the submissive admirer or dominant caretaker of their partner to enhance sexual play. “Hands on” practice of techniques such as silk scarf bondage, low-temperature candle play and more will give you skills you can use at home! Boutique owner, ordained minister and educator Kali Morgan has presented educational workshops internationally and locally for more than 20 years. This class was developed as her heartsong to her vanilla-ish wife, and was featured in Philly’s City Paper in February 2001 . It is one of Kali’s most requested workshops. Tell a Friend: RSVP on Facebook and Fetlife (RSVPs are not tickets; prepaid $20 tickets purchased from Eventbrite or $30 same day of class required to attend)

Libertine Ball Weekend
July 20th- 22nd

Passion101 will be taking the weekend off in celebration of Libertine Ball 2012: Interalactic Asylum. Check out all the info at!

Saturday, July 28,
Learn High Protocol
with Mistress Zeneca
Serve with grace. Receive service with gratitude. Sometimes referred to as “The Art of Attentiveness”, High Protocol is submissive service without pain. It is a demonstration of the discipline to obey; a set of guidelines to display respect, etiquette, and courtesy. This is a fun and light-hearted class! Let Mistress Zeneca show you that High Protocol can be welcoming, fun, AND stress-free. What’s the point of doing something if you’re not having any fun? Mistress Zeneca invites you to learn High Protocol without snobbery or stuffiness.
This class is based on the High Protocol Party Manual by Mistress Zeneca and relates to performing High Protocol for short periods of time during events. This is NOT about incorporating High Protocol into your personal D/s dynamics. Instead, this class will focus on everything you need to know about serving or being served at a High Protocol Event hosted by Mistress Zeneca. The fundamentals that you learn in this class may relate directly to any special event in which the proper forms of etiquette are appreciated.
Covered in this class are the Slave Positions, The Transitions, The Slave Walk, Serving Protocols, along with overviews of the SLAVE LINE, Partnering Ritual, How to Ask for Service, How to Offer Service, and typical party timing of events.
Since the publishing of the High Protocol Party Manual by Mistress Zeneca in 2010, kinksters around the world have been using it as the basis for their High Protocol gatherings. Offered completely for free, the manual has proved to be a useful guidebook that provides a standardized way of hosting successful High Protocol events. The manual is currently being translated into Russian, and has been used for parties in Melbourne, India, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Las Vegas, Boston, and Canada to name just a few. Copies of the manual will be given to each participant in this class. Tell a Friend: RSVP on Facebook and Fetlife (RSVPs are not tickets; prepaid $20 tickets purchased from Eventbrite or $30 same day of class required to attend)


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