Back to School with Passion 101 Fall Classes!

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September 7, 7pm
Successful Polyamory

with Indey

New or thinking about to non-monogamy and looking for some basic resources? This is your go-to class. We go over some points on how to cultivate and keep non-monogomous relationships, navigating toxic relationships, compersion, zero sum items, and ALL THE WAYS to do poly.  While this class is geared more towards “poly newbies” those with experience may learn a thing or two as well.

Presenter Bio
Jaine ‘indey’ Lane is a submissive cisfemale involved heavily in the BDSM, kink and swinging communities. She has an intimate understanding of unconventional relationships and the unique challenges those relationships face. For over 2 years she has been a resource for close friends and chosen family on polyamory and non-monogamy.  She has over 6 years experience in public speaking.

September 13, 7pm
Cultivating Sexual Energy
with Anita DeFrancesco
“Cultivating Sexual Energy” is a comprehensive enrichment class on how to contain and cultivate your sexual energy. When we understand how the energy of the body works you then can learn how to have the control and containment that is desired.  Learn how to master your sexual energy and develop the ability to integrate the emotions and senses as one with the orgasmic energy. This is the secret towards enhanced personal development, transformation and spiritual freedom.  You will have a better understanding   that there is no separation between the sexual and spiritual energy. This workshop is empowering, nourishing, healing, sensual, energizing, and ecstatic and a supportive environment for you to open to your emotions and connection to sexuality.

September 15, 7pm
Kink 101
with Andrea Renae

Have you been looking for kinky ways to spice up your sex life? Have you read the 50 shades series (or heard about it) and want to incorporate some of those hot, juicy scenes into your bedroom or play space? Or maybe you’ve just had some kinky inclinations but aren’t sure where to start. This class will give you a beginner’s look at how to play out these fantasies in safe, sane, consensual, and realistic way! We will discuss what BDSM is, types of play, scene negotiation, toys and implements, play (party) etiquette, and more!

Following class, students are welcome to attend a fetish play party where you can learn to play safely in a hands-on way. More info to come!

Class and party are open to people of all sexualities and genders, partnered or not.

September 21, 7pm
Violet Wand
with Xavier

Violet Wands: Basics to Advance.

In this class you will learn a little about the history and the science about the Violet Wand, and the differences between the Traditional Violet Wand, Solid State and Hybrid Violet Wands.

We will discuss the safety and the three basic types of play.  Direct Play, is when the Violet Wand is applied directly to the bottom, or to an implement or tool used in the scene.  Indirect Play, the safe application of Violet Wand output to the Top in the scene, and what can be used. Reverse Play, very similar to indirect play, but the Violet Wand output is going directly to the Bottom in the scene instead.

And of course we will talk on the safety precautions that should be observed.  This is hands on class and people are encouraged to volunteer or bring your equipment with you.

Presenter Bio:

XavierDOM is a 40 year old dominant and sadist from Philadelphia, PA. As a member and a certified Violet Wand Demonstrator of the International Violet Wands Guild, he has become a proficient with the use of the violet wands.

Knowledgeable in the history, safe use, and operation of the Violet Wand, Xavier is always willing to impart his love and knowledge of the Violet Wand to anyone willing to ask and listen.

Xavier is skilled in the three basic techniques and many advanced techniques of the violet wand including violet wand fire play. He is also very skilled in cupping, impact play, staples, and acupuncture needles. Despite his wealth of knowledge, he is always willing to try new techniques.

September 22, 7pm
Living M/s
with Dan and dawn

Dan and dawn, a lifestyle couple of many years, Great Lakes region Master & slave (2010) and authors of the book  Living M/s – A book for Masters, slaves, and Their Relationships, will discuss what you can expect from a real time Master/slave relationship. They will rely on their decade of experience both as a full time M/s couple as well as leaders of the House Metta group. They will cover different types of M/s (from Loving Ms to objectification models) and share how they and others have dealt with the challenges of moving from fantasy to a working, real-time, long-term Master/slave household



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