November Classes and Leather Pride Weekend at Passion101!

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November 1st, 7pm
Sexual Outercourse
with Anita DeFrancesco

Do you want to learn to sustain that sizzling sexual stimulation without having sex?  How about recapturing those days when the bump and grind was in. Assimilated sexual play can build sexual power and overall confidence in a relationship. Discover new ways to gain and explore that mutual sexual gratification. Your entire body can be sexual, you will learn how sexual intimacy without intercourse can help you learn what is pleasurable to you and your partner.

November 8th, 7pm
*POSTPONED* Polywhaty?: An Introduction to Consensual Non-Monogamy
with Brooklyn

So you’ve decided that full-time monogamy might just not be for you. You’re excited but have no idea what to do next or how to go about this “poly” thing without a bunch of confusing feelings and potential drama, maybe? This class can help! This basic introduction will cover some of the various flavors of non-monogamy out there in the world — polyamory, open relationships, swinging, pick-up kink play, and more. We’ll dispel some of the myths, talk about how to negotiate and process things with your partner(s), and discuss what your non-monogamous relationship might look like (for you). And, of course, no introduction to non-monogamy would be complete without dealing with things like jealousy (and it’s unfortunately lesser-known opposite, compersion).

Passion101 celebrates Leather Pride Weekend 2012 with special guest: Laura Antoniou! Classes November 9th and 10th.

November 9th, 7pm
Don’t Dream It; Be It – Fantasies and Role-play for the Shy
with Laura Antoniou

Let’s face it – role playing does not come naturally to everyone! But if you’ve always wanted to try it, are ready to expand your repertoire, or are unsure how to fulfill a partner’s fantasy, this is the way to begin. Explore fantasy archetypes, linear and freeform story telling, flirting and signaling while in role, and other basic concepts for making the fantasy just a little more real. Then we’ll go into things like setting, costumes, props and even supporting cast. Come prepared to share, even if it has to be anonymously!

November 10th, 4pm
That Ain’t Necessarily So – Lies, Exaggerations & Silly Shit You Keep Hearing In the Scene
with Laura Antoniou

A true dominant will never bottom. We’re all safe, sane and consensual. Kinky people are smarter & more creative. Safewords are necessary. Verbs are nouns. There are no rules. There are rules. How many times have you heard people state, with authority and assurance, something that sounds absolute and yet maybe a little fishy? How many times have you passed on a fact or truth or rule you secretly question, or realized much later that you had been misinformed? For a scene supposedly based on open and honest communication (hah!) we tell each other – and sometimes ourselves – a lot of things that ain’t necessarily so. Whether you are new and soaking it up like a sponge or an old hand and ready to speak truth to kink, come on in for a look at some of the top deceptions, inventions and whoppers we pass around!

November 15th, 7pm
Sexuality and Christianity: Keeping the sexy without losing the faith

with Rev Bev

Has anyone ever told you that sex and Christianity don’t really mix? Well, that is definitely not so. In this class, we will identify the myths and the basic (erroneous) assumptions that conclude that Christians should not be sexy and instead make the case for a sensual and pleasure-centered Christianity. And yes, we might even use a few Bible verses, a bit of science, and plain common sense.

November 17th, 9pm-2am
Diabolique Ball

Passion101 will be taking the weekend off in celebration of Diabolique Ball 2012, Agony and Ecstacy: A Religious Experience. Check out all the info at:!

November 25th, 2pm
Building Your Toy Chest: Sex Toys For Beginners
with Andrea Renae

Are you curious about sex toys, but have no idea where to start? Have you purchased a few items for your toy chest (or that shoe box hidden under your bed), but found yourself disappointed when actually using them? Do you just want to know what good quality toys are out there? The sex toy industry is so vast and diverse, it’ easy to get a bit lost. But have no fear; this class will put you on the right path towards finding the sex toy(s) of your dreams! We will cover types of toys available and how they work, what to consider when choosing your toys, and what to avoid.
November 29th
Tantra Wisdom™
with Anita DeFrancesco

“Tantra Wisdom” is a course that teaches how to balance the physical, sexual and emotional powers. This class is based on the techniques from the Hindu, Taoist, and Buddhist traditions of Tantra yoga.  Explore how to increase your sexual energy and develop the courage to a more present foundation.  You will learn basic  Tantric techniques to move beyond the fear, guilt and shame to more intimate erotic possibilities. Discover your sensual nature, connect to your pleasure source, experience love,   and practice full body orgasms, sacred sexuality,  compassionate heart connections and find  true love when the spiritual and sexual merge as one.  You can experience this on your own or with a partner.

November 30th, 7pm
The Anatomy of Pleasure: What You Didn’t Learn In Health Class
with ScrewSmart

The human body is an amazing tangle of nerves and erogenous zones there for the taking, yet our delicious ability to give and receive pleasure is usually the first thing skipped over in health class.  But not for long!  Come explore the inner and outer workings of the body’s pleasure centers and learn how to maximize your enjoyment.  Get the most out of your body’s tingly bits!


2 thoughts on “November Classes and Leather Pride Weekend at Passion101!

    Kristen said:
    November 22, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    Hi I am interested in the anatomy of pleasure workshop with my boyfriend where is this located and how much $ ?

    andrearenae said:
    November 22, 2012 at 6:32 pm

    Thank you for your interest in this class! You can click on the title of the class, and it will lead you to a link where you can purchase tickets. The information you’ll need to attend is all there.

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