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pawJanuary 11th, 7pm
Pet Play 101
with ScorpiusLupus
An introduction class to the non-sexual aspects of various types of petplay. This includes puppy play, pony play, and kitten play.

Presenter Bio:

ScorpiusLupus or Aaron is both a puppy and a handler. He has taught beginner and advance (non-sexual) petplay classes at The Geeky Kink Event. In the past he has built and ran the petplay areas at parties such as NYC’s Myth, The Geeky Kink Event’s petting zoo, and soon Philadelphia’s own Aviary. He’s also built obsticle courses for The Floating World petplay area. He has never had a bad review for his classes and they are sure to leave you with a few good chuckles.

dildo sculptureJanuary 13th, 5pm
Building Your Toy Chest: Sex Toys For Beginners
with Andrea Renae

Are you curious about sex toys, but have no idea where to start? Have you purchased a few items for your toy chest (or that shoe box hidden under your bed), but found yourself disappointed when actually using them? Do you just want to know what good quality toys are out there? The sex toy industry is so vast and diverse, it’ easy to get a bit lost. But have no fear; this class will put you on the right path towards finding the sex toy(s) of your dreams! We will cover types of toys available and how they work, what to consider when choosing your toys, and what to avoid.
20121224_142650January 17th, 7pm
Successful Online Dating for the Rest Of Us
with Andrea Renae and Wes Fenza
Online dating can be tough, especially for those looking for a relationship that isn’t necessarily heterosexual, monogamous, and vanilla. Join Andrea Renae and Wes Fenza for a workshop on how to successfully date online, with a focus on kink, polyamory, and other hard-to-find preferences. This workshop is appropriate for anyone dating online, from beginners to advanced users. Learn how to write an interesting profile, select an attractive picture, send an attention-getting message, and connect with other like-minded people. The focus will be on okcupid and Fetlife, but many of the lessons can be applied to any online dating service.

There will be a photographer on site, so you can leave with a professional profile pic (photos are optional)! Participants are encouraged to create profiles on okcupid and/or Fetlife (we recommend both) ahead of time, and bring a laptop, tablet, or smartphone with you. Wifi will be available, so you can edit your profile during the workshop.

Andrea Renae is the Education Coordinator at Sexploratorium. She has been involved in community based sex education for the past 5 years; teaching topics ranging from healthy relationships to STI prevention to Kink 101. Andrea uses her work in sex education and advocacy as a means to empower others to make informed decisions about their sexual health and pleasure.

Wesley Fenza is an attorney working in South Jersey and Philadelphia. He and his wife have been polyamorous since 2009, and he’s been dating on okcupid since 2010, where he met his second primary partner. This will be his first time working with Sexploratorium, and he is looking very forward to the experience.

revbevJanuary 18th, 7pm
Sexuality and Christianity: Keeping the sexy without losing the faith
with Rev Bev
Has anyone ever told you that sex and Christianity don’t really mix? Well, that is definitely not so. In this class, we will identify the myths and the basic (erroneous) assumptions that conclude that Christians should not be sexy and instead make the case for a sensual and pleasure-centered Christianity. And yes, we might even use a few Bible verses, a bit of science, and plain common sense.

January 20th, 5pm
(Re)Constructing Sex and Gender Through Writing
with Jeremy Cornelius

This writing workshop will delve into the transformative ability of language relating to sex and gender. Exploring creative and playful avenues of sex and gender through the medium of writing can enable many to construct empowered voices. It can also be a route to healing by analyzing our experiences and our fantasies and making the imaginary our embodied reality.

Drawing from writers, artists, and sex educators such as Alison Bechdel, Jeanette Winterson, Susie Bright, Kate Bornstein, Gloria Anzaldua, Michelle Tea, and Phoebe Gloeckner, this workshop will explore the complexities of sex and gender through fiction and nonfiction narratives with exercises and discussions to produce work from attendants.

Jeremy’s Bio:

Jeremy Cornelius received his B.A. in creative writing and women’s and gender studies from Beloit College, is presenting on queer identities and writing at the Queer Studies Conference, the Southeastern Women’s Studies Association Conference, and The Popular Culture Association Conference in spring 2013, and has presented on zine making at the 2012 National Women’s Studies Association Conference. They also like dressing like a sailor and have been published by Bitch Flicks for their essay on gender and horror films.

BrooklynJanuary 24th, 7pm
Bottoms Up: Beginning Spanking & Impact Play
with Brooklyn
Have a naughty partner who needs to be taken over your knee and taught a lesson? Not really sure about the difference between a flogger and a riding crop? Curious about how to talk to your lover about adding a little hands-on spanking action into the bedroom? Negotiating play, giving a good bare-handed spanking, and knowing the difference between all of the different types of impact toys can be instrumental knowledge in creating a pleasurable experience when you’re new to blurring the lines between pleasure and pain. Though this class is focused more on practical knowledge for Tops, the psychology and experience of bottoms will also be discussed. Open to all genders and orientations.

toddJanuary 26th, 5pm
Erotic and Sensual Trance
with Todd Stevens

This is a demo and Q&A session where you will learn about trance – what it is and how it happens. You will learn that everyone goes into trance at various times, and therefore, everyone can use this state for pleasure and change. You will learn exactly what’s possible when trance is applied to your sensual and erotic encounters.
Topics include:
• Trance and how to induce it
• Rapport, trust, and consent
• What can be accomplished
• No, it’s not mind control
• How long the effects last
• What kind of change is possible
• How to set and use triggers to cause predetermined effects
• Orgasms! (now that caught your attention)
• Instant arousal
• Imaginary bondage
• Trance fantasies

The live demo will be your opportunity to see how trance can be used to create wonderful sensations, fantasies, and even cause orgasm with no physical stimulation. The class and demo will be fun and informative. Who knows, you might be able to follow along and get some of the benefits immediately…

BrooklynJanuary 27th, 5pm
Positively Sex Positive: Safer Sex for People with STIs and Their Partners
with Brooklyn
For a lot of people, the diagnosis of a chronic STI (like Herpes, HIV, HPV, or Hepatitis) can be devastating. Dealing with symptoms, stigma, and guilt can be crushingly difficult, and some people feel like they’ll never have a satisfying sex or love life again. But there is hope! It’s possible to have sexually fulfilling, pleasurable relationships even if you (or your partner) have an STI. This class will cover some of the myths of STI transmission, testing, and symptoms. We’ll try to dispel stigma by discussing ways to feel better about your sexuality and love life after an STI diagnosis. And we’ll also talk about ways to become more confident about disclosing your positive STI status in a world where “I’m disease free, and you should be too” has become a common dating mantra. We’ll cover the most important times to avoid sexual contact, suggestions for preventative care, and also discuss ways to deal with potential transmissions to others. This class is open to both singles and partners of any gender or orientation. (Please note that this class is not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human diseases. It is, however, intended to provide advice based on experience and information based on current research.)

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