Spring Has Sprung at Passion 101- March 2013 Classes

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pawMarch 8th, 7pm
Pet Play 101
with ScorpiusLupus
An introduction class to the non-sexual aspects of various types of petplay. This includes puppy play, pony play, and kitten play

Presenter Bio:

ScorpiusLupus or Aaron is both a puppy and a handler. He has taught beginner and advance (non-sexual) petplay classes at The Geeky Kink Event. In the past he has built and ran the petplay areas at parties such as NYC’s Myth, The Geeky Kink Event’s petting zoo, and soon Philadelphia’s own Aviary. He’s also built obsticle courses for The Floating World petplay area. He has never had a bad review for his classes and they are sure to leave you with a few good chuckles.


whipMarch 9th, 5pm
Flogging 101
with WiseProtector

Learn the basics of flogging! Topics include:

-Why Do I Flog Thee?
… and why am I nekkid in front of all these people?
Motivation and understanding from top to bottom.

That’s the real secret.

-Safety Third!
(only because it’s the third thing we’ll be covering)

-Boredom and The Art of Flogging
When it looks really boring, it might be sublime.
REALLY understanding what’s going on.

-How to Hit
You probably thought this was the most important part.
Here’s enough to get to effective flogging.

-What’s Spinach Got to Do With It?
Double flogging and what I learned from a total green newbie to BDSM
There’s more than just how to double flog. Learning from others.

Presenter Bio:

Starting in the late 70’s before the interweb, before knowing anybody actually does this sort of thing, Wise had to seduce girlfriends into BDSM. The cornerstone of that seduction, is knowing what each other really needs, and fulfilling that need. This approach has been called, “clever,” “psychological”, “somehow unfair,” and even, “dangerously persuasive,” but Wise explains,
“All I do is lead people where they want to go, because I’m lazy, and because it works”
That’s the focus of most of his workshops, find out what you both really need and how you need to get it. Then lead them there. That’s how he gets pretty much whatever he wants.

Carter Steven’s Pocono Fall Fetish Fling ( in 1998? ) was his first foray into the public scene where Joe and candi taught him what they know about flogging. After learning from lots of people, he’s given workshops at the York Play Group, Brimstone, The first NDDS bootcamp and The Warehouse.

Wise is married to (not surprisingly) MrsWise, where they live in a surprisingly bucolic suburb North of Philadelphia. He hosts the nearby  BDSM of SEPA Social in Bensalem, PA.Wise finds it moderately disturbing to write about himself in the third person.


timaree_podcast_icon4__1_March 23rdth, 5pm
Troubleshooting Your Sex Life
with Timaree

Visualize your ideal sexual and romantic life and compare it to reality. Is there a disconnect and what can be done to bridge the gap? Whether you suspect your sex life is in need a tune up or just want to make sure you have the right tools ready, there is something for everyone in this workshop.Work on effective and open communication with partners and negotiating sexual boundaries, find resolutions to sexual dysfunctions, and figure out what to do about desires and behaviors that cause  anxiety. We examine a number of common concerns and the best practices used by sex therapists to counter them.

Presenter Bio:

Sexologist Timaree Schmit earned a Ph.D. in Human Sexuality Education from Widener University, the culmination of a lifelong search for rational, sex-positive, empirically-based knowledge about sexuality. She now works as an adjunct professor, guest lecturer, and consultant.

As a youngster she read voraciously about sexuality and became the Go-To sage for friends and acquaintances who had sex questions.  This hobby eventually translated into becoming a certified HIV Prevention Counselor, PersUNL Peer Sex Educator and Adjunct Professor in Human Sexuality. Her foray into the world of sex writing started in 2003 as a weekly columnist for the Daily Nebraskan and has continued as sex writer for the Barbershop NotebooksPhilly Gay Calendar and East Coast Adult News.

Sex with Timaree podcasts cover a range of topics and feature amazing, entertaining guests whose lives and professions touch on sexuality. And was named one of the Top Five Noteworthy Sexuality Podcasts on iTunes.


writingMarch24th, 5pm
(Re)Constructing Sex and Gender Through Writing
with Jeremy Cornelius
This writing workshop will delve into the transformative ability of language relating to sex and gender. Exploring creative and playful avenues of sex and gender through the medium of writing can enable many to construct empowered voices.  It can also be a route to healing by analyzing our experiences and our fantasies and making the imaginary our embodied reality. Drawing from writers, artists, and sex educators such as Alison Bechdel, Jeanette Winterson, Susie Bright, Kate Bornstein, Gloria Anzaldua, Michelle Tea, and Phoebe Gloeckner, this workshop will explore the complexities of sex and gender through fiction and nonfiction narratives with exercises and discussions to produce work from attendants.

Jeremy’s Bio:

Jeremy Cornelius received his B.A. in creative writing and women’s and gender studies from Beloit College, is presenting on queer identities and writing at the Queer Studies Conference, the Southeastern Women’s Studies Association Conference, and The Popular Culture Association Conference in spring 2013, and has presented on zine making at the 2012 National Women’s Studies Association Conference. They also like dressing like a sailor and have been published by Bitch Flicks for their essay on gender and horror films.


screwsmartMarch 29th, 7pm
Starting At The Bottom: An Intro to Anal Play
with ScrewSmart
Where do you start when you want to learn new information and pleasure heightening tricks? At the bottom, of course, and that is just where this anal 101 begins. From the basics of safety and starting out, to the perfect techniques and tricks to get your ass begging for more, this workshop will calm your fears, answer your questions and most definitely welcome you into the wonderful world of anal play. However you identify, as long as you have an ass, or know someone that does, you are welcome to come join in the fun!


ropepileMarch 30th, 5pm
Rope Couture
with Ari
Rope Couture: That’s right!  Wearable Rope Clothing!Are you going out on the town and find you have nothing to wear? Do you have a ton of rope sitting in the corner waiting to be used? Here’s an idea…wear rope!Rope is a great medium for creating a unique outfit that nobody else will ever get to wear. No two looks are ever the same and the possibilities for creating a look are endless.  In this class we’ll cover the basics from the original concept to creating a framework for your dress to the finished outfit.Participation is encouraged though not required. It is recommended that you bring a partner/bottom if you choose to participate. Experience with rope and weaving is a plus but the most important thing is to bring your creativity!


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