Interview with ScrewSmart, “Starting at the Bottom: An Intro to Anal Play” Edition

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screwsmartThis Friday, March 29th, our favorite sex education trio, ScrewSmart, will be stopping by Sexploratorium to discuss the ins and outs of anal sex! I had the opportunity to ask the Screws some questions about the class, and sex education in general. Q and A is posted below.

After sitting in on “Starting at the Bottom” once before, I can fully attest that this is a class you don’t want to miss! If you are looking for an engaging atmosphere and an open, welcoming group to learn about anal sex with, this is your chance. And remember, no matter how you identify, as long as you have an ass, or know someone that does, you are welcome to come join in the fun! Tickets are available online now at-!


1.   What is your favorite sex education topic to teach and why?

My personal favorite sex education topic to teach is actually anal sex!  It is so thrilling to be able to take the stigma out of such a taboo activity.  I love seeing the participants’ faces when they begin to really get that enjoying anal play doesn’t mean anything about them (other than they enjoy anal play), that pain is not a requirement of anal sex, and that they can play in the backyard without worrying about getting messy.  The ScrewSmart screws are Anal Activists for life!  Xoxo – J.D.

J.D. Ackerman, MEd is a new media sex educator and sexuality writer with a Masters of Education in Human Sexuality.  She works online, creating a sex-positive community with, a video-on-demand adult movie site specifically for women.

With a focus on pleasure education and queer sexuality, J.D. spends her days making sure that every person is experiencing the most sexual pleasure they can, as well as baking, sewing, crafting and pretty much doing anything else that involves her hands.


2.   What can students expect to get out of “Starting at the Bottom: An Intro to Anal Play?

Students can expect to come to our Anal Sex workshop and get some good booty vitamins in terms of tips and techniques, but they’ll also get a short anatomy lesson, a chance to play games, and hear about other people’s anal musings. The Screws work hard to set a fun and inviting tone in our workshops where all questions are considered and laughing is encouraged. Starting at the Bottom is one of our blockbuster workshops, so people should also come knowing that they’ll leave with dynamite resources as well as ideas.



Rebecca Alvarez, MSW, LSW,
emerged as a fledgling sex educator in 2004 in New York City and took the long and winding road to co-found ScrewSmart. She believes that the medical world has much to learn about patient-centered and pleasure-aware care and to this ends, she has taught as a Gynecological Teaching Associate and a facilitator for the American Medical Student Association’s Sexual Health Scholar’s program.

Currently, she works as HIV Mental Health Counselor and a board member to the Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health. She spends her time wooing strangers with her degrees in Social Work and Education in Human Sexuality from Widener University, playing ukulele, crafting, and reading scifi.


 3.   What is your favorite “fun fact” about anal sex?

I love this question- even though it’s so hard to pick just one fun fact!  I would say that my favorite fun fact is that the reason people often feel like they have to poo after or during anal sex (even if they just recently emptied their bowels) is because anal sex often stimulates a muscle that wraps around the rectum called the puborectalis muscle.  This muscle usually signals to the brain when you do have to poo – it’s just a misfiring of a normal messaging system. – Kira

Kira Manser,  MSW, LSW, MEd started her formal career as a sex educator at a feminist run sex shop in Providence, where she helped open a Sexuality Resource Center.  She still keeps half of her heart in PVD serving on the board of The Center for Sexual Pleasure and Health.  She’s worked in many different areas of sexuality, including: directing a high school peer sex-ed program, as a gynecological training associate, facilitating small groups of med students for the Sexual Health Scholars Program, and recently completing a dual degree in social work and education in human sexuality masters program at Widener University.

She’s now starting her doctorate work to fulfill her dream of being a doctor donkey, and is working part-time as a trainer for Mazzoni Center.  When not working on anything sexuality related she can probably still be found guffawing with the Screws, dancing to pop music, or knitting.

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