May Pre-Move Passion101 Classes

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For those of you who haven’t heard, Passional Boutique and Sexploratorium will be moving at the end of May! We have a shortened class schedule this month to leave us time to relocate. Once we’re settled in our new location, classes will resume as usual.

WiseMay 5th, 2pm
Flogging 101
with WiseProtector

Learn the basics of flogging! Topics include:

-Why Do I Flog Thee?
… and why am I nekkid in front of all these people?
Motivation and understanding from top to bottom.

That’s the real secret.

-Safety Third!
(only because it’s the third thing we’ll be covering)

-Boredom and The Art of Flogging
When it looks really boring, it might be sublime.
REALLY understanding what’s going on.

-How to Hit
You probably thought this was the most important part.
Here’s enough to get to effective flogging.

-What’s Spinach Got to Do With It?
Double flogging and what I learned from a total green newbie to BDSM
There’s more than just how to double flog. Learning from others.


May 5th, 5pm
What to Say After You Say “Hello”
with WiseProtector

Sure Fire Conversation for the Terminally Shy

Have you ever had someone you’re attracted to right in front of you? What did you say? Maybe you’ve felt all flushed and nervous. You both were checking each other out. No doubt, there’s an interest. And THEN…Nothing. Even if one of you screwed up the courage to say, “Hi,” what should be brilliant conversation was just withering
small talk, and a lot of quiet. Happens to a lot of us, doesn’t it? I have a suggestion. Some may say it’s a bit bold. But let’s get together and practice. It’s a way of finding out about a person. Find out if they’re right for you. More importantly, you both get to see if you’re right for each other.There’s more to it, but it all starts with knowing how to ask, and find out…. “What’s important to you?” And, you’re not just finding out about that person.The more you do this, the more you find out about YOURSELF. I promise, the worse that happens, is you can become an amazing conversationalist.

Presenter Bio:

Starting in the late 70’s before the interweb, before knowing anybody actually does this sort of thing, Wise had to seduce girlfriends into BDSM. The cornerstone of that seduction, is knowing what each other really needs, and fulfilling that need. This approach has been called, “clever,” “psychological”, “somehow unfair,” and even, “dangerously persuasive,” but Wise explains,
“All I do is lead people where they want to go, because I’m lazy, and because it works”
That’s the focus of most of his workshops, find out what you both really need and how you need to get it. Then lead them there. That’s how he gets pretty much whatever he wants.

Carter Steven’s Pocono Fall Fetish Fling ( in 1998? ) was his first foray into the public scene where Joe and candi taught him what they know about flogging. After learning from lots of people, he’s given workshops at the York Play Group, Brimstone, The first NDDS bootcamp and The Warehouse.

Wise is married to (not surprisingly) MrsWise, where they live in a surprisingly bucolic suburb North of Philadelphia. He hosts the nearby  BDSM of SEPA Social in Bensalem, PA.Wise finds it moderately disturbing to write about himself in the third person.


screwsmartMay 10th, 7pm
Adult Playtime
with Screwsmart

As children we were encouraged to play.  Research widely supports the fact that playing allows children to build important skills like: creative expression, improved communication skills, and the ability to bond with others.  This workshop helps participants to approach sex in a playful manner!  Adults have enough pressure in our lives- don’t we deserve a little playtime?  Dynamic and engaging, the furies of ScrewSmart will help you laugh when things get absurd, reconnect with your imagination, and see your sexual landscape with wonder!  Bring an open mind and a willingness to laugh!  After all, these are the best tools we know for building a healthy and satisfying sex life!
ScrewSmart is a sex education collaborative formed to promote both individual and community sexual heath and satisfaction. Based in Philadelphia, it was founded in 2009 by three sex positive queer women who met while working towards human sexuality education masters. They came together with the goal of providing information and resources to a diverse adult audience.  ScrewSmart aims to facilitate a collective community dialogue that supports sexual exploration and health. They do this by providing educational workshops, hosting sex positive community events, and advocating freedom of expression for sexual minorities.  ScrewSmart works to build spaces where they can share our love for each other as friends and professionals while inspiring others to be engaged and informed sexual adventurers


500x278_feeldoe-violetMay 17th, 7pm
Strap-on Sex for Beginners
with Kale

Strap-on sex can be a fun and affirming activity for couples of all kinds, but figuring out where to start can be a difficult thing to tackle.  Do you find yourself wondering how on earth do all those buckles and straps work? And what kind of toy can I even put in this harness? Not sure if you’re looking for a simple underwear style harness or a sexy leather femme jockstrap harness?  This class will walk you through the basics of strap-on sex, including choosing a harness, choosing the right toy, and some basic positions and techniques for making your sexual dreams come true!  This class is open to individuals and couples of all gender identities and sexual orientations.


Kale is a recent graduate of Muhlenberg College with a B.A in sociology, concentrating in sexuality and gender studies.  They are a relatively recent transplant to Philadelphia, and have been a member of the Passional and Sexploratorium team for almost a year.  Kale is particularly passionate about sexual health and education and enjoy using their product knowledge to give both individuals and couples personalized attention to help choose the right toys and products. In their free time, Kale enjoys cooking, crafting, and dog-watching in Clark Park and has a soft spot for floral patterns and leather.


Headshot 1 color corrected - sepia - lightenedMay 18th, 6pm
Couples Communication
with David Dean Schwartz, LCSW

Communication is the life-blood of relationships.  It’s what helps us and our partners understand and meet each other’s needs.  It’s what helps us interrupt negative patterns and dynamics.  It’s what allows us to truly know our partners, and them to truly know us.  But it’s hard to do well.  Unboundaried communication can lead to blame, defensiveness, and a relationship that gets stuck in the mud.  This is especially true when talking—or NOT talking—about our sex lives.  Nothing mires down our sex lives more than unresolved, unaddressed issues in a relationship.  This workshop is for people who are—or want to be—in a sexual relationship.  In this workshop, we will focus on:

o   The languages of sex—charged vocabulary, and when/how to use it.

o   Why it’s difficult and threatening to talk about sex—even with the people we’re having sex with.

o   Why it’s important to feel heard, and how to help your partner feel heard.


tumblr_m07sadcy1l1qb6zoho1_500May 19th, 5pm
Dancing with Myself- Female Masturbation 101
with Andrea Renae

In honor of National Masturbation Month, learn about the anatomy, physiology, and psychology of female masturbation, with an emphasis on sex toy selection and use. Learn which techniques, tools and toys can make your solo adventures more frequent, convenient and pleasurable.


Presenter Bio:

Andrea Renae is the Education Coordinator at Sexploratorium. She has been involved in community based sex education for the past 5 years; teaching topics ranging from healthy relationships to STI prevention to Kink 101. Andrea uses her work in sex education and advocacy as a means to empower others to make informed decisions about their sexual health and pleasure.

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