Passion101 Back In Action! -July 2013 Schedule

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We are proud to announce that we are officially moving to our new location on the third floor at 317 South Street this week! We’re kicking off the schedule with our grand opening event on Saturday, June 29th. This event will feature some of our Passion101 teachers, presenting sample lessons from their upcoming classes, including Timaree, WiseProtector, Veronica Bound, and Sexploratorium staff members Tahnee and Jeremy! Then we will pick up our regular summer schedule on July 6th. All event and class info. below!

Grand Opening Event
Saturday June 29th, 6pm- 9:30pm

Come see our new location, and sit in on half-hour long sample classes presented by Passion101 presenters and local community educators. Our full schedule is as follows-

6pm- TahneePractice some moves of one of the most exotic and sensual of dance art forms the world over- Bellydance.

6:30pm- Jeremy- What is feminist and ethically made porn anyway? Jeremy has the answers!  

7pm- Susana Mayer Get a taste of Philadelphia’s Erotic Literary Salon! Hear what some of our local erotica writers have to say.

7:30pm- Rev Bev The body and spirit are interconnected. Come for a discussion and activity about sex positivity and religion.

8:00pm- WiseProtectorOur resident flogging instructor will give you a short lesson on impact play basics.

8:30pm- Veronica Bound Bring some rope to practice some basic knots and ties!

9pm- Timaree- Learn how to play up your natural sexiness with some beginner Burlesque moves.




dildo sculptureJuly 6th, 6pm
Building Your Toy Chest: Sex Toys For Beginners
with Andrea Renae

Are you curious about sex toys, but have no idea where to start? Have you purchased a few items for your toy chest (or that shoe box hidden under your bed), but found yourself disappointed when actually using them? Do you just want to know what good quality toys are out there? The sex toy industry is so vast and diverse, it’ easy to get a bit lost. But have no fear; this class will put you on the right path towards finding the sex toy(s) of your dreams! We will cover types of toys available and how they work, what to consider when choosing your toys, and what to avoid.

Presenter Bio:

Andrea Renae is the Education Coordinator at Sexploratorium. She has been involved in community based sex education for the past 5 years; teaching topics ranging from healthy relationships to STI prevention to Kink 101. Andrea uses her work in sex education and advocacy as a means to empower others to make informed decisions about their sexual health and pleasure.


175px-Corset1878taille46_300gramJuly 12th, 7pm
Corsets 101
with Tahnee

Real corsets are fun and functional. Not only do they provide great back support, they create and elegant body-sculpting fashion aesthetic that is appropriate for business, formal and intimate occasions. Learn the basic care and feeding, lacing techniques and style possibilities in this interactive workshop where students will each take turns lacing themselves and each other into a variety of corsets designed for men and women: fashion, fantasy and fetish.


whipJuly 14th, 2pm
Flogging 101
with WiseProtector

Learn the basics of flogging! Topics include:

-Why Do I Flog Thee?
… and why am I nekkid in front of all these people?
Motivation and understanding from top to bottom.

That’s the real secret.

-Safety Third!
(only because it’s the third thing we’ll be covering)

-Boredom and The Art of Flogging
When it looks really boring, it might be sublime.
REALLY understanding what’s going on.

-How to Hit
You probably thought this was the most important part.
Here’s enough to get to effective flogging.

-What’s Spinach Got to Do With It?
Double flogging and what I learned from a total green newbie to BDSM
There’s more than just how to double flog. Learning from others.

WiseJuly 14th, 5pm
Connections: Putting Emotion Into Play
with Wise Protector
For most Tops, getting the bottom spacey, happy, and experiencing a good connection is the focus of play. Getting a partner feeling that way, has way more to do with communication, emotion, and what’s going on inside our minds than physical technique. There’s all sorts of ways to get to sub-space. This workshop focuses on the idea of connecting with your partner, mentally, emotionally as well as physically. There are ways to connect in any situation, from first time play partners, to intensifying what you already have naturally with a long term, loving partner. You’ll get a chance to try some of the ideas and you can pick what fits for you.

 Presenter Bio:

Starting in the late 70′s before the interweb, before knowing anybody actually does this sort of thing, Wise had to seduce girlfriends into BDSM. The cornerstone of that seduction, is knowing what each other really needs, and fulfilling that need. This approach has been called, “clever,” “psychological”, “somehow unfair,” and even, “dangerously persuasive,” but Wise explains,
“All I do is lead people where they want to go, because I’m lazy, and because it works”
That’s the focus of most of his workshops, find out what you both really need and how you need to get it. Then lead them there. That’s how he gets pretty much whatever he wants.

Carter Steven’s Pocono Fall Fetish Fling ( in 1998? ) was his first foray into the public scene where Joe and candi taught him what they know about flogging. After learning from lots of people, he’s given workshops at the York Play Group, Brimstone, The first NDDS bootcamp and The Warehouse.

Wise is married to (not surprisingly) MrsWise, where they live in a surprisingly bucolic suburb North of Philadelphia. He hosts the nearby  BDSM of SEPA Social in Bensalem, PA.Wise finds it moderately disturbing to write about himself in the third person.

i-heart-fem-porn-logo-300x280July 28th, 5pm
Porn and Pleasure: On Viewership, Variety, and Getting Off
Jeremy Cornelius and Jillian Lewis

Porn is toy all in itself! Porn has its own history, its own cinematic styles, and best of all is really good at getting people off. Many people write porn off immediately as something depraved, dirty, and offensive, which some is, but not all porn. Sex-positive feminist, activist, and pornographer Tristan Taormino describes porn in her recent interview with the Huffington Post as something people shouldn’t dismiss immediately. It’s like saying you don’t like all movies. There are movies you’re going to like, and there are some you won’t. Same with porn. Join Jillian Lewis and Jeremy Cornelius to explore the complexities of porn and the many varieties that most people are unaware even exist and maybe pick up a few tricks to incorporate into your sex play. Then, hey, maybe you’ll be inspired to make your own.”

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