September Passion101 Classes Are Now In Session

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44e71e204ee97_mSeptember 6th, 7pm
Erotic Rope Bondage 101
with Veronica Bound

Learn simple and sensual ties to bind your lover.   you will learn 3 basic tying techniques and by the end of class you will amazed at how much you know about rope bondage.  Emphasis will be on practice and application.  You do not need a partner for class; conveniently you can practice most things on yourself.  If possible bring 2 lengths of rope approximately 15ft, and 1 approximately 50 ft.  If you do not have rope, rope will be provided for you to use in class.

bryanSeptember 7th, 6pm
Erotic Hypnosis In and Out of the Bedroom- The Basics
with Bryan Cassidy

Pleasure is all in your mind. Bryan will review the ins and outs of using hypnosis to stimulate, tease, excite, and yes, even produce full-blown, genuine, mind-melting orgasms in the bedroom AND learn ways to safely and effectively transform your willing, committed partner into your willing, committed, hypnotically obedient partner outside the bedroom.  Whatever interest or experience level you have with erotic hypnosis, this class will open new doors.

Presenter Bio: Certified Master Hypnotherapist and Performance Hypnotist Bryan Cassidy began putting people under hypnosis when a book report for school sparked a lifelong interest in the field. He has been studying and refining his craft ever since, training under such notables as Hypnosis Hall-of-Famer Bert Freeman and acclaimed hypnotist and trainer Brian David Phillips. Certified in both Speed Trance and Erotic Hypnosis, Bryan is accredited through the National Society of Hypnotherapists and the Society of Experiential Trance. He owns Hypnotic Tranceformations–his private practice on Philadelphia’s Main Line–and is a founding member of Philadelphia’s Erotic Hypnosis Group. He enjoys falling snow and long walks through your mind.


nwfeaturedSeptember 13th, 7pm
Violet Wand
with Xavier

Learn the history and science of the Violet Wand, and the differences between the Traditional Violet Wand, Solid State and Hybrid Violet Wands. We will discuss the three basic types of play: direct play, indirect play, and reverse play, as well as safety precautions that should be observed while using the Violet Wand. This is a hands-on class and people are encouraged to bring their own equipment.

Presenter Bio: XavierDOM is a dominant and sadist from Philadelphia. Xavier is a member and a certified Violet Wand Demonstrator through the International Violet Wands Guild. Knowledgeable in the history, safe use, and operation of the Violet Wand, Xavier is always willing to impart his love and knowledge of the Violet Wand to anyone willing to ask and listen.

September 15th
Blow Jobs and Beyond- TWO CLASSES, BJs 101 and BJs 201. Info and ticket links posted below!
with Sex Nerd Sandra


Presenter Bio:

Sandra Daugherty punches sexual shame in the face. The sex educator is a firm believer in the right to healthy intimate experiences and the skills that get us there.

Sandra is known the world over for her podcast, “Sex Nerd Sandra.” At once irreverent and educational, the show has earned a top spot on iTunes. Its loyal listenership (nearly 5 million downloads) is vocal about Sandra’s impact, describing her as “inspiring” with “contagious enthusiasm” and an “awesome nerd-like ability that [she’s] not afraid to show.” Her weekly podcast has run since 2011 under the Nerdist Industries banner with no end in sight.

Her professional journey began in 2009 normalizing sexuality through sex-positive workshops and she continues to teach as well as appearing across other platforms including web and TV shows, podcasts, documentaries, panels, lectures, personal coaching and consulting.

Her background in cultural anthropology, philosophy and broadcast journalism provide crucial lenses through which she views her work. Sandra has completed the comprehensive sex educator training program provided by San Francisco Sex Information (SFSI), attends professional conferences and workshops regularly and devours literature on all related topics with retention equal to her curiosity.

 Brimming with book smarts and street smarts, Sandra is passionately committed to creating a safe space for each person’s unique intimate needs. Her methods include heavy doses of physical comedy, playful insight and surprising disclosure.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, she is an avid traveler and lover of big questions.

September 15th, 4pm
BJs 101: Fundamentals of Fellatio

with Sex Nerd Sandra

Join Sex Nerd Sandra for her signature class! The sex educator & podcast host packs this hilarious class with all the basics you need to know for fabulous fellatio, including surprising erogenous zones, sensual solutions for pesky problems, delicious hand & mouth movements and spicy new ways to fellate your date!

September 15th, 7pm
BJs 201: Suck Smarter, Not Harder
with Sex Nerd Sandra

Wanna blow his mind and leave him speechless? Graduate your bag of tricks to pure magic. Building on her 101 class, join sex educator Sex Nerd Sandra as she shares her secrets for custom designing incredible head. Class includes discovering his penis personality, how to play with his pleasure, game changing oral exercises and why your pleasure is most important of all!


Naked Yoga DSeptember 22nd
Morning Yoga Undressed
with PrettyMom

Start the day off centered, stretched and ready to play! This is a body positive nude yoga class with the goal of helping you feel more comfortable in your body and your body more comfortable in general. We’ll use different techniques to help us be more aware of our breath and bodies. Yoga experience not necessary! Just bring a towel or yoga mat and water.

TahneeSeptember 27th, 7pm
Erotic Belly Dancing
with Tahnee

Bellydance has long been regarded as one of the most exotic and sensual of dance art forms the world over, and now you can learn the basics for harnessing these beautiful serpentine movements yourself! Through learning graceful posture as well as basic movements such as isolations and undulations, students will learn to charm, tease, and seduce with body language…all in a fun and engaging setting! Please dress comfortably, bring water, and prepare to go barefoot! Class size will be very limited due to space restrictions.

Presenter Bio:
Tahnee has been known as the “smiling face” and self-styled “resident big girl” of PASSIONAL Boutique and Sexploratorium for the past year, using her sense of humor and easy going personality to share knowledge and information with all she comes across. A fat-positive pagan kinky queer femme, she lives her life through the active exchange of experience with others.She has studied different forms of dance intermittently through her life, with tribal fusion and Middle Eastern bellydance being her passion for over 2 years and views  it as part of her spiritual practice. She is a member of Ekstasis Bellydance, a tribal fusion troupe based out of Philadelphia and Lehigh County.


Learn the basics of wax and fireplay with Kali Morgan
Learn the basics of wax and fireplay with Kali Morgan

September 28th, 5pm
Light My Fire: Erotic Wax and Fireplay
with Kali Morgan

Fire things up in the bedroom and in life with a few safety tips and that will ignite ecstatic sensations in you or your parter. Flame has the power to mesmerize and sensitize and will add drama and excitement to any erotic play. In this workshop, you will learn how to gauge and control wax and flame, how to set yourself and your partner on fire without undue risk, how to build fire wands, and more.

Presenter Bio: Kali Diana Morgan is a seasoned writer, speaker, and lover of corsets and costumes. She is the retail proprietrix of both PASSIONAL Boutique (formerly Fetishes Boutique) and its new younger sibling, the Sexploratorium at PASSIONAL Toys.

She is also a former Dominatrix and telephone hostess. She organizes events, officiates weddings and presents workshops on topics ranging from marketing to fashion to sexuality, romance and relationship enhancement.She has taught multigenerational groups in her store as well as at conventions, womyn’s festivals, private homes and for university classes and student groups at Haverford, Bryn Mawr College, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University.


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