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Kali PressFriday December 5th at 7:00 pm

Erotic Anal Play with Kali Morgan

Learn the ins and outs of exploring an erogenous superhighway of pleasure- starting at your own back door! Regardless of your body or gender, Uranus is the center of a whole universe of sensation! Learn to navigate this mysterious gateway to orgasmic delight including massage, penetration and other winning exploratory methods with the Proprietrix of Sexploratorium.

Kali Diana Morgan is a seasoned writer, speaker, and lover of corsets and costumes. She is the retail proprietrix of both PASSIONAL Boutique (formerly Fetishes Boutique) and its new younger sibling, the Sexploratorium at PASSIONAL Toys.

She is also a former Dominatrix and telephone hostess. She organizes events, officiates weddings and presents workshops on topics ranging from marketing to fashion to sexuality, romance and relationship enhancement.She has taught multigenerational groups in her store as well as at conventions, womyn’s festivals, private homes and for university classes and student groups at Haverford, Bryn Mawr College, Temple University, University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University.

Kali also hosted several educational tours of sexy spots in Philadelphia and New York, known as Sexpeditions Tours. With prior experience as a math and literacy tutor, as well as with small women’s self-help groups Morgan has successfully used interactive teaching methods that engage as they educated. Kali has also completed the teen sexuality education training from Planned Parenthood of Southeastern PA, and has guided teens with their parents sex education tours of Philadelphia. Her tours and classes have been featured in Philadelphia Magazine, Philadelphia City Paper, and Philadelphia Weekly. Her favorite part about teaching is, “breaking complicated concepts down into very simple realities.”

Tell a Friend: RSVP for this class on Fetlife or Facebook (RSVPs are not tickets; tickets required for entry).

Eventbrite - Erotic Anal Play with Kali Morgan

Sunday December 7th from 12:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Fireplay Intensive with Echo’s Fire

Turn up the heat with a day-long intensive with Echo, the genius behind Echo’s Fire and crafter of delightful fireplay tools! He will presenting the first three workshops in his fire play series as a day long intensive with half hour breaks. These classes work on a progressive model, that start with the basics. With each level advancement, the information is provided in such a way that it builds on what was previous learned.

Special Pricing:

  • $50 if purchased online in advance
  • $70 if purchased the day of class, in store

Fire Manipulation 101: Fundamentals, 12:30-2:30 pm

Course Outline:

  • Fire Theory
  • Proper Set-up
  • Fire Kit
  • Basic Application Techniques
  • Theoretical Safety Awareness
  • Proper Clean-up

This 101 class covers the foundation of Fire Massage & Fire Play.  We delve into the science of fire on the molecular lever.  How to properly set up your equipment to avoid/limit the potential hazards associated with Fire Manipulation.  Other topics include: Kit essentials, Application of fire to the skin, and how to proper care for your torches!


Fire Manipulation 201: Practice Makes Perfect, 3:00-5:00 pm

Course Outline:

  • Practical Safety Awareness
  • Life cycle of a torch/Burn Stages
  • 9 Application Techniques
  • Proper Form Theory

Our second level class is exactly what you’d expect.  Practically two full hours of hands on practice!  You learn the techniques (as well as the motions and stance of each technique) and then you practice with the flame.  You’ll learn the stages of each burn, and turn that theoretical safety awareness into practical knowledge by seeing it up close and personal.


Fire Play/Fire Massage 301: The Sensual/Therapeutic Flame, 5:30-7:30 pm

Course Outline:

  • Advanced Safety Awareness
  • Advanced Application Techniques (Combining Application Techniques)
  • Harnessing Fire Balls
  • Utilizing Specialized Fire Torches
  • Creating Mind Games (The Fire Play)
  • Massage for Relaxation (The Fire Massage)

This course will be a combination of our Fire Massage and Fire Play classes.  We will mix both studies to form a two-hour class tailored to the specifics aspects of fire each attendee wishes to learn!

Tell a Friend: RSVP for this class on Fetlife or Facebook (RSVPs are not tickets; tickets required for entry).

Eventbrite - Fireplay intensive with Echo’s Fire

MeFriday, December 12th at 7:00 pm

Kink it up a Notch: BDSM and Kink Basics with Samantha Turnpike (aka Stephanie)

Curious about how to kink things up in the bedroom…or elsewhere? Wondering what BDSM actually stands for? Want to know what negotiating a play scene entails? This introductory class will give you the tools to communicate your fantasies and to make those twisted scenes from your favorite kinky erotica a reality. You will learn basic kink terminology, communication and negotiation skills, and safety tips. You will also get to know the toys and implements to use while playing with others in a safe, sane, and consensual way. If you’re thirsty for ways to spice up your sex life, then this class will give you ideas on how to have your partner bound, gagged, and begging for more.

You may know her as the Education Coordinator for Passion 101 Classes, but that’s just the tip…of this iceberg. Samantha is a master’s level medical social worker by day and a master’s level sexuality educator by night and weekend. She is working towards a PhD in Human Sexuality at Widener University, researching the intersections of Freud’s two most basic drives: sex and death. Samantha is a sex positive advocate, speaker, and writer who is passionate about helping people to live healthy and fulfilling sex lives and to die with dignity. She is proudly kinky and, above all else, loves to empower others to explore their curiosities in risk-aware consensual ways.

Tell a Friend: RSVP for this class on Fetlife or Facebook (RSVPs are not tickets; tickets required for entry).

Eventbrite - Kink it up a Notch with Samantha Turnpike

Hatter_solo_smirk_medMonday December 15th at 6:00 pm

Campfire stories: Kink Edition with Mistress Zeneca

Gather around the fake campfire and tell the most erotic or exciting stories you’ve heard. These can be real or made-up, tall tales or recaps of things you’ve seen or personally done. Let’s laugh and pretend to roast our marshmallows while we tell the most amazing kink stories we know. Bring a snack snack and donate for a ticket – Suggested donation is  $5-15 with a snack or $10-20 without bringing food to share!

This Monthly Meetup Discussion is hosted by Mistress Zeneca, host of the monthly swingerific fetishistic Cherry Noir at Saints and Sinners as well as the Geeks, Kinks Culture Happy Hour every 2nd Wednesday. You will not want to miss this opportunity for a kink confessional or fantasy tell-all!

Eventbrite - Erotic Storytelling: Kinky Campfire edition

Tahnee HeadshotFriday, December 19th at 7:00 pm

Corsets for Fashion and Function 
with Tahnee

Real corsets are fun and functional. Not only do they provide great back support, they create an elegant body-sculpting fashion aesthetic that is appropriate for business, formal and intimate occasions. Learn the basic care and feeding, lacing techniques and style possibilities in this interactive workshop where students will each take turns lacing themselves and each other into a variety of corsets designed for men and women: fashion, fantasy and fetish.

Tahnee has been known as the “smiling face” and self-styled “resident big girl” of PASSIONAL Boutique and Sexploratorium, using her sense of humor and easy going personality to share knowledge and information with all she comes across. A fat-positive pagan kinky queer femme, she lives her life through the active exchange of experience with others.She has studied different forms of dance intermittently through her life, with tribal fusion and Middle Eastern bellydance being her passion for over 2 years and views  it as part of her spiritual practice. She is a member of Ekstasis Bellydance, a tribal fusion troupe based out of Philadelphia and Lehigh County.

Tell a Friend: RSVP for this class on Fetlife or Facebook (RSVPs are not tickets; tickets required for entry).

Eventbrite - Corsets for Fashion and Functionwith Tahnee

Saturday, December 20th at 7:00 pm

Needleplay 101 with Goddess Thain

A hands on, interactive Q&A/demo with Goddess Thain regarding beginner needleplay and safety techniques. We will go over various gauge sizes and possible uses, but the primary focus will be to get you used to actually holding needles in your hands, removing them (without stabbing yourself), experiencing the feeling of piercing* or being pierced (depending on your top/bottom/switch orientation and what you wish to learn), and how to cap them (again, without stabbing yourself). *Bringing a practice bottom is recommended if you wish to try piercing play during class, as it is encouraged, but there are no guarantees other members of class will volunteer.

Tell a Friend: RSVP for this class on Fetlife or Facebook (RSVPs are not tickets; tickets required for entry).

Eventbrite - Needleplay 101 with Thain

Sunday, December 21st at 3:00 pm

Needleplay 102 with Thain

The creativity exploration class after Needleplay 101. As with Needleplay 101, this is a hands on, interactive Q&A/demo with Goddess Thain. Needleplay 101 details about safety will be reviewed at the beginning of class, to ensure that all students are on the same page. Creativity in needleplay ranges from layering needles in patterns, pretty display techniques like wings, corsets and seams, and the use of additional materials like beads and ribbon (as well as the proper cleaning techniques of those additional materials before play. As with Needleplay 101, bringing a practice bottom is recommended if you wish to try piercing play during class, as it is encouraged, but there are no guarantees other members of class will volunteer.

Tell a Friend: RSVP for this class on Fetlife or Facebook (RSVPs are not tickets; tickets required for entry).

Eventbrite - Needleplay 102 with Thain

Special Pricing Offer: Advance/Discount combination tickets for Thain’s classes!

(Note: This ticket price will ONLY be offered through advance online sales)

Eventbrite - Combination Tickets for Needleplay 101 and 102 with Thain!


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