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BelleThursday, February 12th at 7:00 pm

Rope 101: Tying and Untying with Belle-

Introducing our new Rope Series with Belle! Every second Thursday, join Belle as she takes you through this eight class series. This series is designed to take the beginning rigger and teach them the fundamentals of using rope as the main tool in a scene while preparing them to successfully learn suspension. There will be a variety of topics covering many aspects of rope bondage, but the main purpose is to build the basic skills necessary to learn suspension in a safe way later on. These classes are meant to be taken in succession and the student will gain the most by attending all of the classes in the series. Each class will build upon knowledge, techniques, and skills learned during previous classes to provide new insight, ties, or understanding about rope. This class will focus on the very fundamentals of using rope to create a scene. While column ties will be covered during this class, the focus will be on creating sensations both while applying the rope to your bottom and removing the rope. As with every class in this series, a large emphasis will be put on tying with intent, connection, and tension. The techniques learned in this class will be the foundations of everything that comes later. HW: Practice tying a single column tie until it becomes muscle memory. Use up the rest of the rope from the column to create sensations, restraint, and connection on your bottom.

Belle- has been actively involved in kink, especially rope for more than four years now. She enjoys it from both sides of the spectrum but in the past two years has really been putting her focus in becoming the best rope top that she can be. Her passions in rope especially include predicament and torturous rope but is an avid student of every style she can get her hands on. Her personal philosophy is that the more she knows, the more she can choose from in each scene to create a unique experience between her and her bottom. Before moving the Philadelphia, Belle- was a co-founder and co-owner of local chapters of Hitchin’ Bitches and Rope Bite in her hometown of Kalamazoo, Michigan. She has a fire for spreading her passion about rope with anyone who will listen while creating a safe space for people of all skill levels to come, learn, share, and grow in their rope skills. Her teaching philosophy is based in the idea that there is no one right way to tie anything. There are only choices and each choice will have its own risks, merits, and effects.

Tell a Friend: RSVP for this class on Fetlife or Facebook (RSVPs are not tickets; tickets required for entry).

Eventbrite - Rope 101: Tying and Untying with Belle-

Friday, February 13th at 7:00 pm

Massage 101 with Gin Temoshawsky

Learn fun and effective ways to ease, tease, and please through hands to body touch. Discover tricks and techniques that will feel amazing to your partner yet won’t wear you down or hurt your own hands and arms. Find out why oils and lotions are so different and when each is more useful thaGin In the other. Most of all, have fun, love, and touch enthusiastically! Gin Temoshawsky holds a degree in massage therapy and has been a professional massage therapist for the past decade and was among the first to become licensed in the state of Pennsylvania. She has experience teaching up and coming therapy students at her old school in a formal setting but loves teaching couples and friends how to help, please, and relate to each other through massage in an open minded and safe environment.

Tell a Friend: RSVP for this class on Fetlife or Facebook (RSVPs are not tickets; tickets required for entry).

Eventbrite - Massage 101 with Gin Temoshawsky Me

ATTENTION: The correct time for this class is 7:00 PM. We apologize for any confusion!

Saturday, February 14th at 7:00 pm

Kink it up a Notch: BDSM and Kink Basics with Samantha Turnpike (aka Stephanie)

Curious about how to kink things up in the bedroom…or elsewhere? Wondering what BDSM actually stands for? Want to know what negotiating a play scene entails? This introductory class will give you the tools to communicate your fantasies and to make those twisted scenes from your favorite kinky erotica a reality. You will learn basic kink terminology, communication and negotiation skills, and safety tips. You will also get to know the toys and implements to use while playing with others in a safe, sane, and consensual way. If you’re thirsty for ways to spice up your sex life, then this class will give you ideas on how to have your partner bound, gagged, and begging for more.

You may know her as the Education Coordinator for Passion 101 Classes, but that’s just the tip…of this iceberg. Samantha is a master’s level medical social worker by day and a master’s level sexuality educator by night and weekend. She is working towards a PhD in Human Sexuality at Widener University, researching the intersections of Freud’s two most basic drives: sex and death. Samantha is a sex positive advocate, speaker, and writer who is passionate about helping people to live healthy and fulfilling sex lives and to die with dignity. She is proudly kinky and, above all else, loves to empower others to explore their curiosities in risk-aware consensual ways.

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Eventbrite - Kink it up a Notch: BDSM and Kink Basics with Samantha Turnpike (aka Stephanie)

Friday, February 20th at 7:00 pm

Intimate Exchanges with Kali Morgan

Have you or your partner fantasized about dominance and submission but never quite understood the how’s and why’s? Using writing exercises, guided visualization, and other techniques everyone in this class will experience what Kali Pressit is like to become the submissive adorer or dominant caretaker of their partner to enhance sexual play. “Hands on” practice of techniques such as silk scarf bondage, low-temperature candle play and more will give you skills you can use at home! This class was featured in Philly’s City Paper in February 2001 and has been presented at the University of Pennsylvania, Black Rose, PEX Summerfest and the Beltane Sacred Sexuality festival as well as other place. Kali Diana Morgan is a seasoned writer, speaker, and lover of corsets and costumes.

She is the retail proprietrix of both PASSIONAL Boutique (formerly Fetishes Boutique) and its new younger sibling, the Sexploratorium at PASSIONAL Toys. She is also a former Dominatrix and telephone hostess. She organizes events, officiates weddings and presents workshops on topics ranging from marketing to fashion to sexuality, romance and relationship enhancement.

Tell a Friend: RSVP for this class on Fetlife or Facebook (RSVPs are not tickets; tickets required for entry).

Eventbrite - Intimate Exchanges with Kali Morgan

PrettyMom Yoga 2Sunday, February 22nd at 1:00 pm

Partner Yoga Undressed with PrettyMom

Back AGAIN by popular demand! Get your tickets now before the class fills up! This class is an opportunity for couples of any gender or persuasion to get centered, stretched and ready to play together with body-positive clothing-optional yoga workout. Our intention is to feel more comfortable in our body and make our bodies more comfortable and strong. Yoga experience is not necessary, but be prepared to get a workout! By using a combination of ashtanga and kundalini, this class will be challenging for those who are experienced and allows the class to be easily adjusted for those who have any physical limitations. All you need to bring is your partner, your towels or yoga mats, and plenty of water.

PrettyMom (Jen) has been a certified yoga instructor for 4 years and has practiced yoga since early childhood. She has taught nude yoga classes at conventions and recently at Sexploratorium with much success!

Tell a Friend: RSVP for this class on Fetlife or Facebook (RSVPs are not tickets; tickets required for entry).

Eventbrite - Partner Yoga Undressed with PrettyMom

Power Mesh croppedFriday, February 27th at 7:00 pm

Diving for Pearls: Cunnilingus 101 with Bitey Switch

Oral sex is fun for everyone! Becoming a cunning linguist, though, is usually wrongfully made out to be so much more complicated than any other sex act. Stop in to Passion101 Classes to bone up on your anatomy, learn new techniques, and add to your communication skills. Whether you plan on giving or receiving oral sex (or both), your sex life is bound to benefit from this class.

Bitey Switch doesn’t just teach classes– they are also a storyteller and a professional switch. They have been in the kink scene for three years . . . and have been juicing it up even longer than that! Throughout their various sexcapades, Bitey has picked up plenty of useful tips and tricks that they are happy to pass on to you!

Tell a Friend: RSVP for this class on Fetlife or Facebook (RSVPs are not tickets; tickets required for entry).

Eventbrite - Diving for Pearls: Leave the snorkel at home! with Bitey Switch

Mark your Calendars for upcoming classes and events (full listing soon): Saturday March 7, 2-4pm Erotic Hypnosis Basics with Bryan Cassidy Saturday March 7 4:30-6:30pm Hypnotic Arousal and Orgasm with Bryan Cassidy Friday March 13- Erotic Bellydance  with Tahnee Saturday March 21 Fireplay Intensive (3 classes) with Echo Friday March 27 Tantra Wisdom with Anita DeFrancesco


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