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Friday October 2nd, 7-9pm – Building Your Toychest: Sex Toys for Beginners with Andrea Renae

Are you curious about sex toys, but have no idea where to start? Have you purchased a few items for your toy chest (or that shoe box hidden under your bed), but found yourself disappointed when actually using them? Do you just want to know what good quality toys are out there? The sex toy industry is so vast and diverse, it’ easy to get a bit lost. But have no fear; this class will put you on the right path towards finding the sex toy(s) of your dreams! We will cover types of toys available and how they work, what to consider when choosing your toys, and what to avoid.
Andrea Renae is a sex ed-venturer! A genderqueer and sexually fluid person, her work as a sex educator, coach, writer, and advocate is focused on encouraging exploration of sexual practices, identities, and communities. Andrea believes that everyone has the right to be fully self-expressed. 

Eventbrite - Building Your Toy Chest: Sex Toys For Beginners with Andrea Renae

BelleBWSunday October 4th, 6-8pm – Communicating Intention with Rope with Belle 

This class is a take on the traditional “connected rope” classes. Rather than just looking at connection, we’re going to look at how to express many different emotions through a series of hands-on exercises. Be prepared to get up-close and personal with your partner. Bring a few pieces of 25-30 ft rope and your cutting tool. This class is open to riggers of all skill levels however will be most useful to people with knowledge of at least one chest tie. This class is a workshop style class and works best when everyone comes ready to participate fully rather than observe.
Belle- is a Philadelphia based rigger with a taste for creating aesthetically pleasing ties designed to keep her bottoms uncomfortable and guessing what is going to happen next. She likes using ties that are structured and stable, relying on her bottom’s body and gravity to achieve the strain that she finds so beautiful. After exclusively bottoming in rope for a couple of years, Belle- started tying and suspending herself. Eventually this evolved into a passion for tying others.

Eventbrite - Communicating Intention with Rope with Belle

Thursday October 8th, 7-9pm – Overcoming Sexual Fears Discussion Group with Sid Astaire

In this discussion group, we’ll be talking about the fears and potential trauma triggers that prevent us from having the sex we want. This group will be a safe space to share feelings and anxieties that hold us back, and the skills that help us move forward. Whether your fears are rooted in a lack of understanding, religious bias, physical or emotional trauma, or general repression, we will work through them together every first Thursday for the next three months. This discussion requires advance registration on a sliding scale basis $5-15 in advance $15-$25 the day of class ($5 discount to students and affiliate members)
Through their own personal trauma and trials, and through their first-hand experience as a mental health care consumer, Sid has acquired a unique knowledge base of distress tolerance skills and a roadmap for the journey that is recovery. They understand that everyone lives with fear—fear of themselves, their bodies, their desires—and the importance of overcoming these anxieties in order to be fully and completely one’s self. It is because of their journey on the road to recovery that they love teaching and collaborating with others about how to build a life worth living.

Eventbrite - Overcoming Sexual Fears Discussion Group with Sid Astaire

Saturday October 10th, 7-9pm – Pillowtalk – The Art of Sexual Communication Intro with Rebekah Beneteau and Trevor Jones

Ever have a partner you really liked who just couldn’t find The Spot? How about a lover who was so quiet, you just weren’t sureScreen Shot 2015-09-22 at 12.22.28 AM they were enjoying themselves? During this 90 minute class, we’ll introduce you to a whole new kind of sexual communication. It’s possible to ask for or give direction in bed in a way that makes it hotter and more satisfying. This technique will make you a better lover every time you touch a partner.
We’ll be covering:
1. What is one-way touch?
2. The four main components of sexual stroking
3. Asking for direction from a partner
4. Giving direction to a partner
5. The taking touch – their pleasure is your pleasure
6. How to do sensual research
This is experiential, with fun exercises, so you get a chance to practice what we’re preaching. No partner necessary. No nudity or genital contact.
Rebekah and Trevor are partners in life and business. As Coaches, Sacred Intimates and Teachers, they believe that sexual expression can be a path for personal transformation and connection to spirit. With humor, compassion and radical acceptance of themselves and others, they are fulfilling their mission to empower people in the areas of sexuality and relationships. 

Eventbrite - Pillowtalk - The Art of Sexual Communication Intro with Rebekah Beneteau and Trevor Jones


Lynk Fire StaffSunday October 11th, 12:30-7:30pm – Fireplay Intensive with Echo’s Fire

Turn up the heat with a day-long intensive with Echo, the genius behind Echo’s Fire and crafter of delightful fireplay tools! He will presenting the first three workshops in his fire play series as a day long intensive with half hour breaks. These classes work on a progressive model, that start with the basics. With each level advancement, the information is provided in such a way that it builds on what was previous learned. The introductory Fire 101 class covers the foundation of Fire Massage & Fire Play.  We delve into the science of fire on the molecular level.  How to properly set up your equipment to avoid/limit the potential hazards associated with Fire Manipulation.  Other topics include: Kit essentials, Application of fire to the skin, and how to proper care for your torches! Our second level class is exactly what you’d expect.  Practically two full hours of hands on practice!  You learn the techniques (as well as the motions and stance of each technique) and then you practice with the flame.  You’ll learn the stages of each burn, and turn that theoretical safety awareness into practical knowledge by seeing it up close and personal. The third level course will be a combination of our Fire Massage and Fire Play classes.  We will mix both studies to form a two-hour class tailored to the specific aspects of fire each attendee wishes to learn!

Eventbrite - Fireplay Intensive with Echo's Fire


SOJreclineOctober 16-17: Classes with Strap-on Jo Strap-on Jo  is a poly queer bi switch whose love affair with other people’s anuses went from private kink to professional calling when  she worked for six years as a non-domme professional prostate massager.  Now a certified sexological bodyworker, Jo’s focus is on sex education and coaching. Her approach is practical, sex-positive, tantric-friendly, kink-positive, empathic, and non-judgemental, using tools like massage, breathwork, guided visualization, and education to help you experience more pleasure alone and with partners.
Note: Jo will be available for private classes and presentations in Philly from Oct 15-18 if booked by October 12.

Friday October 16, 7-9pm – The Art and Science of Hand Jobs with Strap-on Jo

Even for people adept at handling cocks and balls with their mouths or other holes, the prospect of manually handling cocks and balls for pleasure or pain can be scary or intimidating. Sure, you can just use lots of lube and stroke the cock up and down to make it squirt, avoiding the balls and any maneuvers that might possibly look like it could hurt…. but an artful handjob can be so much more than that.  Combining cock and ball teasing and “torture” techniques / toys with Jo’s experience and experimentation with at least a thousand cocks, cut and uncut, this workshop will give you the knowledge and confidence to give a deliciously tantalizing hand job, working your partner into a frenzy instead of on the fast track directly to orgasm. Whether you choose to call it “cock and ball torture,” “tease and denial,” or just “allowing your partner to lie back and savor your handiwork,” they will be appreciative of what you learn in this class.

Eventbrite - The Art and Science of Hand Jobs with Strap-on Jo

Saturday October 17, 1-3 pm – Anal 101: Pain-Free Butt Play with Strap-on Jo
In this class, you will learn about safety, hygiene, and using various types of lube, toys, tongues, communication, fingers,  and cocks for people of all genders and D/s roles to engage in pain-free and pleasurable anal play as well as techniques for prostate and g-spot stimulation via the anus.

Eventbrite - Anal 101: Pain-Free Butt Play with Strap-on Jo

Saturday October 17, 3:30-5pm – Penetrating the Taboo of Talking About Uranus with Strap-on Jo
Curious about anal play but have a hard time talking about it with partners or, well, anybody? Shy when it comes to communicating about butt sex and want to gently explore the taboo of talking openly about it? Probe the inner recesses of your conversational skills and discover techniques that ease the way for you and your partners to discuss a backdoor approach to sensuality. In this participation-required workshop, we will use a speed- dating-ish format so that each person has brief, one-on-one conversations with everyother participant about topics provided. The topics will encourage us to talk about different ass-pects of our personal thoughts, feelings, and experiences with our rear ends. Clothing stays on, but we may shed an inhibition or two.
*Note: Anal 101: Pain-Free Butt Play with Strap-on Jo is a HIGHLY recommended prerequisite to this class!
Eventbrite - Penetrating the Taboo of Talking About Uranus with Strap-on Jo

Saturday October 17, 1-5pm – Going Deep with Anal: Anal Intensive with Strap-on Jo
Strap-on Jo’s Anal Intensive is a package deal for anyone who wishes to take BOTH “Anal 101: Pain-Free Butt Play with Strap-on Jo” and “Penetrating the Taboo of Talking About Uranus with Strap-on Jo” back-to-back for a discounted price!!
*Note: While “Going Deep with Anal” is a fun play on words, these classes are NOT specific to deep penetration! The Anal Intensive is a fun introduction to anal sex for couples and singles alike!
Eventbrite - Going Deep with Anal: Anal Intensive with Strap-on Jo

Thursday October 22, 7-9pm – Blowjob Grad School with Reid Mihalko
You’ve learned the basics… Now it’s time to get your masters in the advanced tricks, and leave with your PhD in Fellatioreidmihalko!
If you…Would like to take your current skills and craft to Jedi levels…Ask questions and get advanced-level tips and tricks…Leave your loved ones stammering, “h-h-How did you do THAT?!”
Let “America’s favorite sex geek,” sex and relationship expert Reid Mihalko of ReidAboutSex.com be your Head Dean (see what he did there?!) and give you your PhD in oral sex so YOU can give and/or receive mind-blowing blowjobs that leave YOU and your lovers feeling satisfied, confident, and glowing with appreciation! Regardless of your gender, sexual orientation, level of experience, relationship status, or what you’re packing beneath your clothes, this class will cover how to show yourself and your lovers how to give and receive more pleasure.
In this advanced tips and tricks class with plenty of room for Q&A, you will learn:

  • How to leverage the pleasure anatomy of the penis and pelvis from tip to taint!
  • Reid’s best tips and tricks for helping your penis owner not cum to quickly from your amazing skills…
  • How to “stack the deck in your favor” so your penis cums when you would like it to…
  • Advanced skills to combine with Reid’s easy-to-learn deep throating technique…
  • Reid’s famous “Flying Squirrel” technique, PLUS how to do a Double Blowjob…
  • Plus a few other graduate level, sexy secrets that will leave you feeling inspired and confident

Reid Mihalko of www.ReidAboutSex.comhelps adults create more self-esteem, self-confidence and greater health in their relationships and sex lives, no matter what their self-expression of those happen to be.
Reid has appeared on Oprah’s Our America With Lisa Ling on OWN, the Emmy award-winning talk show Montel, Dr. Phil’sThe Doctors on CBS, Bravo’s Miss Advised, Fox News, inNewsweek, Seventeen, GQ, People, Details, Marie Claire, The National Enquirer, The Wa
shington Post, on VH1’s Scott Baio is 45 and Single, Showtime’s Penn & Teller’s Bulls**t!, Canada’s The Sex Files and SexTV, and the short-lived Life & Style, on NPR, Sirius’ Maxim Radio, Playboy Radio and Cosmo Radio, and in thirteen countries and at least seven languages.
To date, Reid’s workshops and lectures have been attended by close to 40,000 men and women. Reid has been a featured speaker and keynote at dozens of conferences on relationships and sexuality and is a sought-after presenter and teacher at colleges and sex positive organizations across the country. Reid has also been a writer, producer and behind the scenes consultant on a number of films and television projects about sex and relationships.
Eventbrite - Blowjob Grad School with Reid Mihalko


Tahnee will finish off the night with a simple live demo from her upcoming April corset class.

Saturday October 24: A Day of Education with Tahnee Tahnee has been known as the “smiling face” and self-styled “resident big girl” of PASSIONAL Boutique and Sexploratorium road shows for the past year, using her sense of humor and easy going personality to share knowledge and information with all she comes across. A fat-positive pagan kinky queer femme, she lives her life through the active exchange of experience with others.She has studied different forms of dance intermittently through her life, with tribal fusion and Middle Eastern bellydance being her passion for over 2 years and views  it as part of her spiritual practice. She is a member of Ekstasis Bellydance, a tribal fusion troupe based out of Philadelphia and Lehigh County. Tahnee is available for available for private classes and presentations in Philly anytime she is not on the road. Book a session with this dynamic presenter today!

Saturday October 24, 12:15-2:15pm – Corsets 101 with Tahnee
Real corsets are fun and functional. Not only do they provide great back support, they create and elegant body-sculpting fashion aesthetic that is appropriate for business, formal and intimate occasions. Learn the basic care and feeding, lacing techniques and style possibilities in this interactive workshop where students will each take turns lacing themselves and each other into a variety of corsets designed for men and women: fashion, fantasy and fetish.
If you own a corset, please bring it. If you are looking to add a corset to a style you already love, wear attire that you are looking to enhance with corsetry (i.e. cosplay, Victorian, formal, business, etc.)
Eventbrite - Corsets 101 with Tahnee

Saturday October 24, 2:45-4:45pm – Buckle Up Buttercup: Strap-on Sex with Tahnee
Strap-on sex can be an exciting new experience for couples (and groups) of all kinds, but can be an overwhelming experience for beginners. This class will walk you through the basics of strap-on sex, including: how to choose the right harness and toys for you and your partner(s), basic positions and techniques, and special considerations for “pegging.” This class is open to people of all genders and sexualities, partnered or not.
Eventbrite - Buckle Up, Buttercup! A Beginner’s Guide to Strap-on sex with Tahnee

Saturday October 24, 5:15-7:15pm – Basic Impact! A hands-on Primer with Tahnee
A 101-style impact play class with no toys or accessories required! Emphasis will be placed on enthusiastic consent, safety, and negotiation with/around differing physical capabilities. We will discuss basic anatomy for the bottom as well as the top, methods of impact, and how to build a rewarding scene past the standard spanking! All bodies, genders, and orientations are welcome!
Eventbrite - Basic Impact!: A Hands On Primer with Tahnee

Saturday October 24, 7:45-9:45pm – Knife Play 101 with Tahnee
Curious about exploring an erotic, seductive way to flirt with power? Knives and other blades can be used as a tool in physical and psychological kink. Learn how to delve into edge play in this class designed to show you the basics of playing with knife from safety to sensations to strategy.
Eventbrite - Knife Play 101 with Tahnee

Saturday October 24, 12:15-9:45pm – Sexuality Intensive with Tahnee
The Sexuality Intensive with Tahnee is a reduced-price day-long intensive that includes all four of Tahnee’s classes for the price of three!
Eventbrite - Sexuality Intensive with Tahnee


Sunday October 25th, 6-8pm – Unstuck Your Sensual Self: Tools to Ignite Pleasure and Desire with Amy Jo Goddard
Sometimes we feel disconnected from the experience of pleasure. Sometimes life gets in the way of us experiencing the deepest forms of pleasure. What is holding you back from experiencing pleasure and desire in your daily life? How can you rekindle flames of desire that might be smothered right now? What are the things that make you feel most alive? How can you work to bring those aspects of your life into greater alignment with how you live on a day-to-day basis? Water, and therefore, flow, lives in the second chakra, the home of our sexuality, our sensual selves, our desire. When we get stuck in our attachments, we dam the flow of pleasure in our lives. In this workshop we will use movement, meditation, reflection and group exercises to “unstuck” ourselves, create clarity about how to churn the butters of deliciousness in our lives, and open the second chakra to embrace pleasure and desire in a new way.

As a Sexual Empowerment expert and thought leader, Amy Jo Goddard has guided thousands of people towards the wholeness and fulfillment they want, sexually and in other aspects of their lives. She earned her Master’s degree in Human Sexuality Education from New York University and has over 20 years of experience in the sexuality field. As a renowned speaker and teacher, Amy Jo travels to colleges, communities, and conferences teaching classes and offering keynotes that help people to connect the dots around sexuality and money, expand their creativity, grow their confidence and learn to be bigger in their relationships, in business, and in the world. She delivered her TEDx talk “Owning Your Sexual Power” in March, 2014 in Napa Valley, was named one of GO! Magazine’s “100 Women We Love” in 2010 and one of Kinkly’s ”100 Sex Blogging Superheroes” in 2013. She co-authored the highly successful Lesbian Sex Secrets For Men, recently released in second edition, and her second book Woman on Fire: 9 Elements to Wake up Your Erotic Energy, Personal Power and Sexual Intelligence was published by Penguin Random House on September 29th, 2015.

Eventbrite - Tools to Ignite Pleasure and Desire with Amy Jo Goddard

Thursday October 29th, 7-9pm – Beyond the Binary – Playing with Gender with Bianca Palmisano
We live in a world where our perceived gender defines so many expectations about the way we dress, act, and live. Gender play allows us to redefine and subvert our rigid understanding of gender and create new rules that make us feel sexy and empowered. We’ll discuss:

 The basics: what is gender and what terms do we use to talk about it?
 How do we respect gender as a personal identity?

How do we ethically play with gender presentation, power, and roles? Whether you personally identify outside of the gender binary, you’re looking for a primer on explaining gender identity and expression, or your curious about how to take re-shape gender in your personal life and in play, we’ll talk doing it all ethically and responsibly.

Bianca Palmisano is an kinky, genderfluid dancer, poet, and sex educator from DC. In 2015, she launched Intimate Health Consulting, which specializes in training medical providers to improve their competence around patient sexual health concerns.
She has been teaching classes on LGBT issues, rape culture, healthy communication, BDSM, and sexual health risk management for over 3 years, and recently concluded a two-year stint as the Director of Operations for the sexuality education initiative, The Garden. More than anything, Bianca loves using her workshops as a medium to create unity among different people’s experiences and facilitating important conversations that are fun, relateable, and infused with movement!

Eventbrite - Beyond the Binary - Playing with Gender with Bianca Palmisano

Mark your calendars for these upcoming November events!

Friday November 6th, 7-9pm – Tantra Wisdom Gathering with Anita
It is a time for new beginnings, love and friendship. This gathering is an opportunity to connect, explore and develop the mind, anitabody and soul with the intention to love. When we love we have everything. Dive in and experience your senses and come alive to your sexuality.  Explore depths of innateness and understand your sensual foundation. Learn how to balance giving and receiving.  We will explore the differences in the active/receptive energies. Move from pain and hidden wounds to harmony, energy and more open love. Boundaries will be explored as we learn to love more deeply.  Come and celebrate your divine being. Open to all singles and couples and beginners. Expect to interact with other divine sacred beings in safe connection practices.

Anita DeFrancesco, MA, Intimacy and Relationship Educator. Her focus and vision have been the evolution of spirituality, sexuality, and teaching others to awaken from separation and suffering and to embrace the modern world with oneness and love. She helps people to liberate and let go of the grudges. She has been featured on Playboy’s Sexcetera. She is the author of Live Free: Your Journey to a Liberated Life.

Eventbrite - Tantra Wisdom Gathering with Anita

Saturday November 7th, 3-5pm – Kink Your Own Adventure with Ashley
Have you always been curious about kink and BDSM,but unsure where to start? This class will encompass some of the basics of BDSM  as well as ways to incorporate kinky play into your sexual adventure. Together we will explore and practice using elements of sensation and power to transport you and your lover to new levels of erotic experience. This class welcomes beginner-level attendees of all genders, sexual orientations, and relationship statuses, so pack your enthusiasm and come ready to set foot in exciting territory!

Ashley is an upbeat, enthusiastic sexuality educator with a passion for empowering others on their sexual journeys. Currently pursuing her masters of education degree in Human Sexuality Studies, Ashley advocates for transcending the academic and making sexual knowledge inclusive and accessible to all. In particular, her favorite subjects to geek out and teach about are sex and power, BDSM/kink, and sexuality-based communities or subcultures.

Eventbrite - Kink Your Own Adventure with Ashley

Saturday November 7th, 7-9pm – Sexual Fitness: Improving Desire and Performance Naturally with Gerald

Learn ways to improve sexual desire and performance (ability to perform and how one performs), naturally. SexualScreen Shot 2015-10-09 at 4.14.08 PM
performance and desire can be rooted in physical and psychological wellbeing. Gender differences will be discussed along with specific research-based recommendations. A wonderful aspect of the research is that sexual fitness works for
people over 40!

Dr. Gerald Martin is a doctor of Kinesiology and Certified Health Coach with the American Council on Exercise. He has over 20 years of martial arts experience and uses that experience with his health coaching. Philosophically, he focusses on helping people live the healthiest life possible, within their life circumstances. This includes addressing sexual desire and performance.

Eventbrite - Sexual Fitness: Improving Desire and Performance Naturally with Gerald

Friday November 13th – Talking to Your Doctor About Sex with Andrea
*more information will be posted ASAP

ashleymantaNovember 20-21 Classes with Ashley Manta: Ashley Manta is a queer feminist sexuality educator, writer, and coach. She published her first e-book, “A Feminist’s Guide to Phone Sex,” in March 2014 and her non-fiction essay, “Growing Through the Yuck of Having Herpes” was featured in the Best Sex Writing of 2015 anthology. She speaks candidly about living with herpes and has done extensive work to promote acceptance and break the stigma surrounding STIs. She is the co-host of Carnalcopia, a sex and relationship podcast. Ashley’s passion is empowering others to “speak the unspeakable.”

Friday November 20th, 7-9pm – Living with an STI with Ashley Manta

Many people living with an STI are too ashamed to admit their diagnosis. In the de facto hierarchy of STIs, Herpes and HIV are widely considered to be the “worst” to get because they are not curable. In this workshop, Ashley will share her experience living with genital herpes and discuss the ways that clear communication, good information, and a dash of vulnerability has allowed her to move from living in the “yuck” to living, loving, and thriving. We’ll discuss sex and dating with an STI, as well as navigating the stigma that exists in daily life.  Knowledge is more contagious than STIs. According to the CDC, 1 in 3 Americans have an STI. Those statistics make this an important and relevant discussion for all of us.

Eventbrite - Living with an STI with Ashley Manta

Saturday November 21st, 7-9pm – Phone Sex, Dirty Talk, and Other Aural Adventures with Ashley Manta
This seminar will include insider tips from Ashley Manta, sex educator and former phone sex operator who went on to publish her first e-book, “A Feminist’s Guide to Phone Sex,” in March 2014. There will be exercises from the book including “the name game” where participants will brainstorm genital slang that works for them and “sex-libs” – a fill-in-the-blank dirty talk guide that’s sure to make the most nervous talker an aural sex expert!

Eventbrite - Phone Sex, Dirty Talk, and Other Aural Adventures with Ashley Manta

Caning 101 with Wise Protector

Harsh and punishing is what generally comes to mind with Canes. It doesn’t have to be that way (but we’ll cover that as well in the workshop, but, hard, is easy.) Arousal, altered state (sub-space), orgasms are all possible with canes. The range of sensations is large and subtle.
We’ll cover:
1) Trust and Patience and Desire. Getting someone to the point where they WANT you to cane them is something you need to know about.
2) Types of canes besides rattan, there’s all sorts of materials. Sting, Thud, Arousing and other sensations are attainable with the right cane and technique.
3) Connection – You get that in most of my hands on workshops. It’s one approach to altered states, arousal, and in general, better relationships!
4) Technique – Using more of the cane for varied sensation. Thud – anchoring caning to arousal – rhythm – Altered States – double caning.
5) Sado-masochism. First thing you think of, right? Of course it’s included.
6) QUIET caning. Apartment dwellers will especially like this.
If you have canes bring a few. Canes are available for experiencing the less painful techniques. They are the ones I think you’ll find the most interesting. The workshop is 3 hours and includes a full scene, an example of how a scene can look and work. And there will be times for hands on experiences if you have a partner with you.

Starting in the late 70s before the interweb, before knowing anybody actually does this sort of thing, Wise had to seduce girlfriends into BDSM. The cornerstone of that seduction is knowing what each other really needs, and fulfilling that need. “All I do is lead people where they want to go.” That’s the focus of most of his workshops: find out what you both really need and how you need to get it. Then lead them there.
Carter Steven’s Pocono Fall Fetish Fling (in 1998) was his first foray into the public scene where Joe and candi taught him what they know about flogging. After learning from lots of people, he’s given workshops at the York Play Group, Brimstone, The first NDDS bootcamp and The Warehouse, Sexploratorium and The Kink Shoppe.
He also participates in the BDSM module of SAR at Widener University, for the Graduate Class in Human Sexuality, exposing future therapists to some aspects of BDSM.
Eventbrite - Caning 101 with Wise Protector



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