July’s Curriculum is Here! & It’s All About Anal, Oral Sex, & Starring in Your Own Dirty Movies!

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Hire one of our teacher to teach at your location.
Hire one of our teacher to teach at your location. Email passion101classes@gmail.com for details!

Friday, July 15th @ 7pm
Play At the Back Door – Anal Play with Kali Morgan

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anal.jpgLearn the ins and outs of exploring an erogenous superhighway of pleasure- starting at your own back door! Regardless of your body or gender, Uranus is the center of a whole universe of sensation! Learn to navigate this mysterious gateway to orgasmic delight including massage, penetration and other winning exploratory methods with the Proprietrix of Sexploratorium.

Kali Diana Morgan is a seasoned writer, speaker, and lover of corsets and costumes. She is the retail proprietrix of both PASSIONAL Boutique (formerly Fetishes Boutique) and its new younger sibling, the Sexploratorium 


Saturday, July 30th @ 7pm
Sensual Bondage 101 with Lorelei deWinter


Begin your adventures into Sensual Bondage with Lorelei deWinter as she teaches the basics and tricks of rope bondage. In-class instruction and hands on lessons to learn how to use the humble rope to bring you lover to sensual ecstasy. Bondage is not just punishment and pain, but a tool to fulfill your hottest fantasies. Get the awkwardness and nervous out of bondage with Lorelei so you can be smooth as silk when the moments get intimate.
Whether you identify as top, bottom, dominate, submissive or all the beautiful sexual diversity in between, this class is hands on and everyone ties and will be tied. Dress in comfy clothes, pull on a pair of those slinky yoga pants, and bring what rope you have. Lorelei will make recommendations and give a few tips how everyday objects and be adapted. Concerned out flexibility or physical hurdles, do not fret, Lorelei will show ways to tailor poses and ties so everyone can have enjoy. Know how to tie but having a hard time with the next steps? She’s got your sexy back with suggestions of scenarios, useful poses, and SFW demonstrations.

Lorelei deWinter has earned her stripes as a Diabolique Ball model, becoming board member and event chair. She donated her body to education as Veronica Bound’s rope demo model and has earned a reputation for teaching classes with hands tied behind her back; seriously. Trained by the world renowned Midori in the art of Shibari, she is turning her years of experience and education on the masses to help everyone enjoy rope bondage.

Sunday, July 31st @ 12pm
Ask the Educator: Oral Sex & Potluck with Kitten


Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 3.40.53 AMI may or may not have the secret to giving and receiving the best oral sex ever. Want to find out? Send your questions to askthesexed@gmail.com to get some answers in an Ask-The-Educator style workshop! Kitten will also have questions/discussion prepared & there will be an opportunity to ask questions in person.

This is a donations-based class & discussion. When you donate online you will be emailed a ticket to this event.
You may donate in store the day of the class, but please select “In-Store Donation,” anyway, as an RSVP/Registration & you will be emailed a ticket.
Recommended donation — $5 (if you come with food to share) – $10 (if you do not).

Originally from North Central Pennsylvania, Philadelphia-based sexuality educator Kitten currently works as a Pleasure Professional here at Passional and Sexploratorium! She specializes in providing enthusiastic pleasure-based sexuality education about body-safe adult toys and products to a diverse audience. Her main interests include the intersection of sexual health and fitness, intimate communication, and sex-positive education in school and community settings. However, her passion lies in teaching that sexual pleasure is a fundamental characteristic of being human that everyone should shamelessly experience on their own terms. She received her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy at Lycoming College, then decided to pursue her master’s degree in Human Sexuality Education at Widener University after being inspired by an alumnus of the program. She recently co-facilitated a National Sexual Health Leadership Course online for medical students provided by the American Medical Student Association and is currently the sexuality education intern teaching to a high-risk population at Covenant House in Germantown, Philadelphia.

Friday, August 13th @ 7pm
Looking Your Best: A Guide to Photography for Models
with Mistress Zeneca


Think you can’t take a good picture? Think again. The size of your body doesn’t matter. Photography is the capture of light and time. As such, learning about how light reflects off of your body will help you look better in the lens. This class will focus on pin-up posing in particular, but the tips and tricks will apply to any photo you may take. This is a hands-on class and is limited to 15 people. Pretend you are heading to a photo shoot and wear something you want pictures of yourself in. Come prepared to get in front of camera to discover the right pin-up poses that work well for you. Start training your eye! See yourself how the camera sees you, and learn how to change what the camera captures. Each student will be able to walk away from the class with an arsenal of information on how to emphasize the positives, and minimize everything else.

Mistress Zeneca is an East Coast transplant from Southern California, publicly Dominant for over 10 years. She is a Geeky, BDSM and Kink event organizer in the Philadelphia area, specializing in providing unique kink experiences. Mistress Zeneca’s events range from themed movie marathons, weekly game nights, full-weekend immersion experiences, sex-positive play parties, and upscale High Protocol Dinners. All her events are appropriate for the curious, the beginner, and the experienced alike. She is a self-proclaimed “Ambassador of Love” welcoming everyone in Philadelphia who wishes to learn more on their journey of self-discovery. Her interests and knowledge pool is vast. She can talk just as easily about the Zombie genre, hypnosis, and how to grow your own food, as she can about her ambidextrous flogging style and love of corsetry. Learn more at: http://www.ElegantlyKinky.com/

Sunday, August 21st @ 5pm
Making Dirty Moving for Fun and Profit! with Jules Purnell

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julesHave you ever wondered what it would be like to be in porn? Have you seen porn out there and thought, “Hey, I could do that!”? The world of porn is becoming increasingly mainstream and is now more accessible than ever to every kind of person! This class will give you the tools and know-how to embark on your own porny adventure – and maybe even make some cash doing it.

Jules Purnell is a kink and sexuality educator specializing in LGBT cultural competency, consent and safer sex practices, non-binary relationship models, sex worker rights and activism, and butt stuff. Jules has hosted many successful sex parties and knows you can, too! Jules holds a BA in Women and Gender Studies and Sociology from the University of Southern Maine and is enrolled in Widener University’s Human Sexuality Master’s program. They are a snazzy dresser and cat caretaker with a fondness for vegan baked goods. Check out Jules’ website!


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