Are you a Sexuality Educator?

Partner with us!
Sexploratorium collaborates with independent sexuality educators to offer live educational workshops, events, and consultations to diverse audiences in the Philadelphia area through our Passion 101 Classes. Please review our mission, curriculum and philosophy and consider working with us.

The mission of PASSION 101 Classes is to provide interactive, educational and entertaining learning experiences that enhance the abilities of individuals, couples and other intimately acquainted persons to understand sexual techniques, improve the dynamics of relationships/intimacy, practice useful methods of sexual communication, maintain and improve spiritual/physical/sexual health, and to develop and appreciation of diverse sexual expression through performance and creation of fine arts.

Our history:
Since 1996, Passion 101 Classes have been offered weekly at Fetishes Boutique, Aphrodite Gallery and now at Sexploratorium as well as at regional and national conventions.

What we offer:
In addition to onsite classes at Sexploratorium, if you choose to become part of our presentation collective, we can create a presenter page for you and book you for more lucrative private (onsite or offsite) Presentations  or consultations that can be scheduled with local community organizations, private parties or student clubs by appointment.

Current curricula focus on four major areas of sexuality:

  • Anatomy/Physiology/ Sexual technique
  • Relationships/ Psychology/Communication
  • Psychosexual Fantasy/ Fetish/ BDSM technique
  • Erotic Fine Arts /Performance/Exercise

Unless otherwise noted, all Passion 101 sexuality workshops are open to all genders and orientations. Some individual classes may offered for specific audiences: i.e. women only, couples only, men only, trans only etc. which will be noted in the workshop title.

For information about presenting for us, either onsite or offsite email our educational coordinator or call (215) 849-7444.

Presenter Expectations:
in order to maintain a safe space for learning and to be inclusive and respectful of Sexploratorium’s diverse clientele our presenters are expected to 

  • Acquire active and ongoing consent from students who are participating in any activities
  • Utilize inclusive language, aware of diversity in cultures, gender, orientation and relationship models.
  • Avoid making assumptions about gender identities, preferred pronouns, sexual preferences, and/or orientations, relationship models or roles of class participants or store staff.
  • Refrain from demonstrations of exposed genitals unless explicitly agreed upon with the Sexploratorium staff and the Education Coordinator prior to scheduling of class.*
  • Refrain form genital or anal penetration as part of any in-store presentation.*
  • Provide a workshop outline (provided by us)  that details specific teaching techniques and exercises and specifically warn if any of these methods involve bodily contact or partner exercises of any sort with instructor or another class attendee.
  • Limit exercises and activities to what has been approved in your presenter outline unless you have received individual consent from your educational coordinator as well as  each and every participant to engage in additional activities.
  • Indicate

*If explicit live demonstrations are key to a sexual technique on which you are presenting, we will make our best attempt to make an arrangement with a local adult club to hold your presentation off-site.

If you are qualified and interested in teaching for PASSION 101 Classes, please look over the attached Passion 101 Presenter Media Kit and request Presentation forms from our Educational Coordinator


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