Andrea Renae

Andrea New 2

Andrea Renae is a Philadelphia(and soon Los Angeles)-based sexuality educator, writer, sex and relationship coach, and event organizer. Her passion is promoting happier and healthier relationships by facilitating meaningful discussions around sex and communication. Since 2007, she has presented workshops on a broad range of topics including, but not limited to, sexual health and pleasure, sexual identity, relationship negotiation skills, sexual techniques, and safer sex practices.

Andrea’s home base for the past 3 years has been Passion 101 Classes, out of Philadelphia’s highly regarded sex toy and fetish wear shop, Passional Boutique and Sexploratorium; formerly holding the position of Education Coordinator, and currently serving as a Resident Sex Educator and Presenter. Outside of her work at Passion101 Classes, Andrea has presented at various colleges, non-profit organizations, and community events around the Northeast. She proudly runs two sexuality themed monthly meet up groups- Sex Geekdom Philly and the Philly Reproductive Health Happy Hour. 

Andrea contributes regularly to as a staff writer, and has been featured in The Philadelphia City Paper, The Condom Monologues,, and The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom Blog.


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