Dr. Lynk

Lynk will guide you toward massage mastery

Dr. Lynk is a creatively entertaining bdsm presenter with fetishes for knives, the workings the human body, maintaining constant motion when teaching a class, and being the community human repairman. His workshops are derived from his work and training as a both Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist(CSCS) as well as his lifestyle experience. Expect a twist of sensation (ok, maybe a little more than a twist), a dash of random facts, and a ton of information when presenting. Do not be alarmed if he takes off his shirt for no apparent reason or uses a variety of audience members and random objects as props during class, this is just how he operates. Dr. Lynk hopes that you will not only be entertained by his presentations and antics, but also come away with a great deal of knowledge. Of course, he would have never found the scene or started presenting without the influence of his incredible life-partner Ever.

Dr. Lynk’s classes include massage, sex for fitness, anatomy for rope, knife play and injury management in the scene.


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