Screw Smart

ScrewSmart always provides and entertaining and interactive educational experience.

ScrewSmart is a sex education collaborative formed to promote both individual and community sexual heath and satisfaction. Based in Philadelphia, it was founded in 2009 by three sex positive queer women who met while working towards human sexuality education masters. They came together with the goal of providing information and resources to a diverse adult audience.  ScrewSmart aims to facilitate a collective community dialogue that supports sexual exploration and health. They do this by providing educational workshops, hosting sex positive community events, and advocating freedom of expression for sexual minorities.  ScrewSmart works to build spaces where they can share their love for each other as friends and professionals while inspiring others to be engaged and informed sexual adventurers!

Workshops can be customized to meet individual or group needs; a list of workshops regularly presented include:

Starting at the Bottom: An Intro to Anal Play
Porn You Can Salute!
Unusual Sex Practices
Pack It Up, Pack It In: An Intro to Strap-On Sex
Getting Mouthy: Oral Sex Rules!




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